Fig-tionary – June 16, 2005

ujr (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: adjective – greater in scale or degree as described by a Brit – Usage: “My dad is ujr than your dad,” said Basil.

okj (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: noun – a noise made while choking on an affirmation of attending an event to which you don’t want to go – Usage: Upon being asked by his boss to attend the cattle-prod testing seminar, Bert nervously agreed with an ‘ojk’ noise and a nod.

ahnks (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: noun – an abbreviated name for ‘ankles’ – Usage: Gloria wanted to go running, but she sprained both her ahnks the night before kicking her brother’s ass to oblivion for wearing her stockings.

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3 Responses

  1. Thanx so much for visiting my space and leaving that sweet comment. You’ve got quite a space here. Keep up the good work! Plus, it’s nice to meet fellow watchers of the show ‘House’ that show rules!

  2. okj is soo funny u rock

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