Hai-Kuul – June 13, 2005

No One (Requested by princess_castle)
I ring the doorbell
I hear a voice behind the
Door: “Dave’s not here, man.”

Numb (Requested by princess_castle)
Both my legs tingle
I should have taken a walk
Between my classes

Soo Close Yet So…Far Away!! (Requested by princess_castle)
I tossed the horseshoe
End over end it flew, but
I missed by an inch

Tit For Tat (Requested by Drea)
Don’t you touch me, punk
You’ll regret it if you do
I’ll give you one back

Pinky Toes (Requested by Drea)
Unfortunate parts
Which always seem to stand out
During stubbing time

Apollo (Requested by Drea)
A god, son of Zeus
Killed the Python of Delphe
Plays tunes on his lyre

Red Rose Tea (Requested by Drea)
What’s in a brand name?
Lots of power, to be sure
Herbal tea’s better

Peter Pumpkinhead (Requested by Drea)
Peter, what’s wrong now?
Halloween is over and
Your head is rotting!

Stupid Ex (Requested by Drea)
A common feeling
You want to know that your ex
is sad. But they’re not

Men Vs Women (Requested by Drea)
Who’s the better sex?
I don’t give a friggin’ shit
They’re both pretty great

Yellow Brick Road (Requested by Drea)
If you follow this
You will find the Wizard, or
Maybe Elton John

Cornerstone (Requested by Drea)
The best furniture
Can be found in this great place
They have friendly staff

The Majestic (Requested by Drea)
Kings, queens and their kin
They feel so high and mighty
Stupid hats kill brains

Paddy Murphy (Requested by Drea)
Poor Paddy Murphy
No one really liked this guy
I didn’t know him

Dad (Requested by Drea)
All people have one
In vitro
or otherwise
Contributes some genes

Lump O Cole (Requested by Drea)
Good old Cole Porter
Swinging this way and that way
Playing his heart out

Bruise Easily (Requested by Drea)
Your skin is like fruit
Like an apple or a pear
You’ve marks everywhere!

Timmy Ho’s (Requested by Drea)
A Canuck Staple
They used to bake their doughnuts
Now they reheat them

Vanilla Latte (Requested by Drea)
Perk up your morning
With this tasty, frothy treat
Your brain will explode

Nottingham (Requested by Drea)
Where the Sheriff lives
Robin Hood was a weirdo
That place was a dump

Takin’ the Piss (Requested by Drea)
An alternate name
For letting fly too early
Called Breakin’ the Seal

Orange (Requested by Drea)
Quite a clever name
A fruit that’s it’s own colour
Damned elitist fruit

Bellybutton (Requested by Drea)
When I was a kid
I thought that this little thing
Kept all the air in

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