Fig-tionary – June 28, 2005

dought (Requested by princess_castle)

Actually the inflected form of dow.

starnge (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: adjective – of, relating to, or characteristic of a celebrity. Extraordinary in relation to a celebrity – Usage: Jude Law is very starnge.

driends (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: noun – An acquaintance that one dreads to spend time with. A dreaded friend – Usage: Mary went to answer the door and let out a cry of dismay as she spied her driend Esmarelda through the peephole.

echin (Requested by princess_castle)

This is already a word.

censear (Requested by Schmitgit)

  1. Function: transitive verb – To examine in order to delete or suppress objectionable content by utilizing fire – Usage: George Lucas held up the smouldering remains of the next chapter of Star Wars after it had been censeared.

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