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So, I’ve been around the block a few times checking out other people’s blogs. One thing I noticed was a sidebar with their favourite entries.

And I thought to myself…

Wow! That’s an awesome idea!

But then, if I try to figure out which are my favourites, I have no clue! I can’t choose!

I want to have a Top Ten dealy showing the most popular entries on my site, and I want your help to figure out what those are!

Seeing as I don’t have enough spreadsheets, I have created a new one that will keep tabs on the popular votes.

Your part of the work is to let me know which ones are your favourite!

So, if you like an entry, e-mail me at this address (Clicking on this link will insert VOTE as the subject line) and let me know the title of the entry that you really liked in the body of the message. You can even send in votes for several different entries.

I will tally them up, and put them in the sidebar.

What’s even better is that this will by dynamic. The votes will always be going on, so the top ten list will be in a constant state of flux!

So e-mail me today, and let me know what I should put down as the best Barking Space blog entries! You can leave comments, but I will only tally votes sent via e-mail.

So have fun! If you’re really ambitious you can check out some of my earlier entries, too!

The Top Ten

  1. Jorge’s Guide to Inviting Children With Bad Habits
    Read about how Jorge would raise his kids. Jorge lists some of his worst habits. (2 Votes)

  2. Logan Wins the Fight
    A mock newspaper article about how one of Jorge’s cats finally defeated his nemesis. (2 Votes)

  3. The Handsome Canadian
    Jorge recounts a story about his trip to the sub shop, and rants about a parent at Canadian Tire. (1 Vote)

  4. Roughing Up What I Learned About Movies
    Jorge tells the tale of one of his camping trips, and shares a list of movies that should be made. (1 Vote)

  5. Effort-Less
    Jorge rants about people making excuses to cover up the fact that they are lazy. (1 Vote)

  6. Belting Out the Carnivorous Smileys
    Jorge talks about getting his blue belt, his friend Tien, and how adding smiley emoticons might not always work. (1 Vote)

  7. The Fun Paddlin’ Thunders On a Dime. Stay Tuned…
    Enjoy the tale of the 2005 Algonquin Park interior camping trip. Learn about thunderboxes, and marvel at the humour! (1 Vote)

  8. The Eagles Fish Nights. Morning Market Totems Knife Departures At the End
    The second part of the 2005 Algonquin interior trip. See Dave’s Totem, and learn about how to distract people when you wash your bits. (1 Vote)

  9. The Anniversary of My Near-Death Experience
    Jorge tells the story of the near-fatal car-crash in 2001 that he survived. (1 Vote)

  10. Zip and Tuck
    This is a story about how good of a friend Dave is to Jorge. Not for the squeamish! (1 Vote)

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