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Movie Marathon 9

Next weekend, film’s gonna get reel. Movie Marathon 9 will commence at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 22!

Here is the list of the movies that we shall be viewing:

  1. The Goonies
  2. The Magnificent Seven
  3. Bronson
  4. The Thin Man
  5. Mystery Team
  6. American Movie
  7. Ip Man
  8. Dark City
  9. Hellraiser
  10. The Conjuring
  11. Big Trouble In Little China
  12. Gravity

This list is making me cry for joy. What do y’all think of this fine selection?

Jumping to Conclusions

Burned Unit

A few of my friends and I will (occasionally) take a perfectly innocent phrase in one of our conversations and turn it on it’s ear with some good ol’ innuendo (in YOU end oh). The following convo was with a friend of mine, to whom I loaned the season 1 DVD set of Burn Notice

Booya! Click to make bigger (that’s what she said).

Of course, later on I thought about it – and it could have easily been referring to some kind of medical show. Ah well. Can’t win ’em all, right?

Emm Emm Sicks

The Countdown Begins

Really, the countdown began a few months ago when I purchased my train ticket to Ottawa; Movie Marathon Six is almost upon us! Here is the program…

  1. The King of Kong
  2. New Jack City
  3. Once
  4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  5. Singin’ in the Rain
  6. North By Northwest
  7. Micmacs
  8. The Black Hole
  9. House (Japan)
  10. The Human Centipede
  11. Machete
  12. The Fall

In a word: insane-o! I have seen only a few of these; the rest I am very much looking forward to watching.

So the usual hijinks will be hinjinksed: movie watching; tableau picture-taking; fan-film-making; sleep-deprivation. We might even do some webcasting and live chats; or maybe we won’t. Ah, movie marathons are the bomb!

For a sampling of our previous events, click here.

Back To the Future


We bought a car back in 2001 due to this minor inconvenience. Needless to say, consumer reports will tell you that the car we picked was a piece of crap.

I don’t like pointing fingers, though, so we will call the vehicle in question…

V. Jetta

Wait. That’s too obvious. Let’s just call it…

Volkswagon J.


We’ve had quite a number of problems with this car over the years, and so Dave has heard a lot of complaining from me on the subject.

So now Mrs. J and I are thinking about buying a new vehicle, mostly due to space issues. Our current car is just too small.

In a conversation with Dave the other day, I mentioned that we will finally be rid of our old car, which has served us fairly well, but also helped itself to our bank account. I told him that we’d finally be buyng a new one

Dave: So that’s it eh?
Jorge: Yes. I’m looking forward to getting a new car, man.
Dave: So, if you could only go back in time once, would you warn yourself not to buy that Jetta or would you kill Hitler?
Jorge: Well, I’d go back and warn myself for sure.
Dave: Really?
Jorge: Actually, now that I think about it, if I kill Hitler, Volkswagon might have become a different company and never made that car in the first place.
Dave: Good point.

Click to enlarge…



Every once in a while I have a conversation with someone that is so funny to me that I revisit it several times to brighten my day…

[Chris walks up to Jorge.]
Chris: Hey. Have you had your flu shot?
Jorge: Nope.
Chris: I’m going to go over and get mine now. Wanna come along?
Jorge: Nope.
Chris: Oh. Okay.
Jorge: Yeah. I’ve never actually had a flu shot.
Chris: Fair enough.
Jorge: I hope you don’t think less of me.
Chris: I don’t think that’s actually possible.