Welcome to Hai-Kuul

Hai-Kuul is a page where you can submit a topic in the comments section and I will create a Haiku poem based on that particular topic. I think Haiku poetry is awesome, and yet, you don’t see it all that often. Well, here on the Barking Space you will! Please feel free to submit any topics you wish, and I will try my best to create a Haiku poem within a day or so. There are lots of previous examples you can access by clicking on the Hai-Kuul category located in the left sidebar.

Why Hai-Kuul?

A lot of people have told me that they have problems being creative. Some claim to have no poetic bone in their body. For these people, I have created Hai-Kuul. It is a means by which you can participate in the creation of your own Haiku Poem, thus negating the feeling that you are not creative.
Check these examples out…

Topic: Jessica
Jessica is great
She massages my shoulders
No Giraffe-neck, please

Topic: Dog Poo
Smelly coils of brown
Freshly laid in the new snow
Don’t forget to scoop!

Haiku is also a great way of describing something negative in a more artistic way.


Topic: Dubya
There is a proud nation
To the south of our homeland
Led by a moron

This is quality material. You would do well to contribute.

The Origin of Hai-Kuul

Previously, I had created the means for people to submit topics so that I might create poems using the topics as inspiration. You can see that entry here.

The section had no catchy name, so in light of the fact that I just revamped the crazy definitions idea, I created a new name for the Haiku section.

What Do You Need to Do?

This Blog entry will be permanently embedded as Hai-Kuul in the sidebar for ease of contribution. Leave your requests as a comment.
Do it now!

(Added August 09, 2005)

There will be a ten topic limit on haiku requests. I’ve been receiving complaints about how people don’t know if there are any new posts due to the length of some of the haiku requests.

I’m sorry to be a spoil-sport, but I don’t really like the prospect of having no time to write about some of the topics that I have sitting in my idea folder at home (which is becoming unwieldly). Plus, it leaves me less time to read the works of other people. Not to mention the haiku contest results are delayed significantly.

Henceforth, any request entry that exceeds ten topics will be deleted.

(Added May 04, 2006)

Due to the shift from MSN Spaces to WordPress, I will not be copying the comments over. Instead you will have to e-mail me your requests. Thank you for your patience.

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