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Movie Marathon 9

Next weekend, film’s gonna get reel. Movie Marathon 9 will commence at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 22!

Here is the list of the movies that we shall be viewing:

  1. The Goonies
  2. The Magnificent Seven
  3. Bronson
  4. The Thin Man
  5. Mystery Team
  6. American Movie
  7. Ip Man
  8. Dark City
  9. Hellraiser
  10. The Conjuring
  11. Big Trouble In Little China
  12. Gravity

This list is making me cry for joy. What do y’all think of this fine selection?

Chip Off the Ol’ Block


This is a very serious discussion that occurred while in a doctor’s waiting room recently…

Little J: [Walks up to J with a plastic Brontosaurus in her hand and speaks in a deep, gravelly voice. She speaks purposefully, in a stilted manner.] I am a dinosaur. I can do all kinds of tricks.
J: Really?
Little J: Yes.
J: What kind of tricks can you do? Can you show me?
Little J: Yes! Hup! [Stands the dinosaur on his tail.] This is trick number one.
J: Wow. That’s pretty good!
Little J: Here is another trick. Hup! [Stands dinosaur on his head.] This is the next trick!
J: Very nice. Do you have any more tricks?
Little J: Yes. This is my last trick. Hup! [Stands the dinosaur on his back.] Three. That’s three tricks. I am awesome.
J: Yes! [Claps.] Thank you for showing me those tricks!
Little J: You are welcome. Now it is time for me to go home.
J: Really?
Little J: Yes. It is dinner time. I am going home with the bees. When I get home, I will eat them because I like to eat bees.
J: Well, have a good dinner.
Little J: Yes. I will. You have a good dinner too, Daddy.

I love when she does stuff like this.

Deaths: 4 Weddings: 2


With the passing of a dear family friend last month, as well as general all-around-being-busy, I have been pretty bad at keeping this blog up.

With a new set of goals and some excitement about completing them, I figured I would do a great update tonight.

Unfortunately, this happened.

God Wanted His Voice Back

I don’t profess to know Don to any great extent. We had e-mail exchanges from time to time, which was pretty incredible considering how insanely busy he was.

I was struck by his willingness to help. He made several trailer voiceovers for me (evidenced here and here) and charged me nothing. I sent him a photograph of an Algonquin Park (this one), but I’m pretty sure I got the better deal.

On top of that, he did a birth announcement for Little J.

So Yeah…

…I probably won’t do that update today.

It’s amazing how you can miss someone you never physically met, isn’t it?

Rest easy, Mr. LaFontaine.

The Things I Think About

Cool or Uncool?

This thought seems to resurface every once in a while, bubbling to the front of my brain. I don’t remember quite when it started. Maybe in early high school. Regardless, I think it’s awesome, and I wish that I could actually do this one day.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be invulnerable to physical injury? Not just you, but a group of friends.

Additionally, wouldn’t it be cool to just have an all-out brawl in a junkyard with that in mind?

Even better? An all out brawl, with physical invulnerability, in a public place like the Financial District downtown, or the West Edmonton Mall.

That would be so awesome.

It’s thoughts like these that get my name removed from the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.