The Things I Think About

Cool or Uncool?

This thought seems to resurface every once in a while, bubbling to the front of my brain. I don’t remember quite when it started. Maybe in early high school. Regardless, I think it’s awesome, and I wish that I could actually do this one day.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be invulnerable to physical injury? Not just you, but a group of friends.

Additionally, wouldn’t it be cool to just have an all-out brawl in a junkyard with that in mind?

Even better? An all out brawl, with physical invulnerability, in a public place like the Financial District downtown, or the West Edmonton Mall.

That would be so awesome.

It’s thoughts like these that get my name removed from the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.

3 Responses

  1. Okay, I totally get the first one, but you lost me on the last two! Unless, of course, you have person in mind whose ass you would love to kick. THEN I get it.

    Could it be cool for me to have supah powahs so that I can also kick a few asses?

  2. Kicking asses would be fun. Even at the Edmundston Mall!

  3. It would be SUPER

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