Oh, Sony…

Thanks a Bunch!

Lately, I have been the recipient of excellent customer service from various places. Whether it’s a deal on a video card, or a faulty DVD box set that was replaced for free, or even a replaced sippy cup for little J by a wonderful company, it’s been a great week.

I’m don’t usually rock the boat unless it is for a good reason.

A few weeks ago, I spilled pop all over my Sony Headphones (Shatton calls it The Fanta Menace), so I bought a replacement from Future Shop.

The sales person recommended these due to my query about headphones that are good for running. In theory, the pair that I bought would be great. However, the earbuds are somewhat large, so they tend to fall out even when I walking.

I emailed Sony’s customer support to find out what I could do about it (I wasn’t looking to replace them. I thought that perhaps there was a way to configure the harness to make it a bit more snug). They contacted me shortly after my request, informing me that the headphones (by default) ship with the medium size earbuds and if I wanted to replace them with small or large buds, I would have to pay.

Excuse me?

There is no option in the store to buy anything other than the standard size earbuds. The default size (medium) is pretty large (I have big ears, so I can only imagine how well these would fit smaller-eared people).

So thank you, Sony. Thank you for making a product that requires people to purchase an extra part for them to work properly.

7 Responses

  1. As you say in your Messenger name – Sony can suck your wang.

    WTF? Although I’m a simply-minded person, it strikes me as ridiculous that a company has created a product that requires subsequent purchases to ensure overall satisfaction with a product. Ridiculously genious, if they succeed at grabbing that extra cash, or ridiculously retarded if the product fails (which it probly will, as we are small-eared folk).

  2. Well, I like the idea of sucking your wang, too.

    Um…I mean SONY, of course. That’d show ’em 😀

  3. I’d imagine you could probably return the headphones to the store citing the fact that they don’t fit your ginormous ear holes.

  4. klely – EXACTLY

    Biscuit – You’ll have to get in line behind the Government, Peak Oil, the RIAA and Dave.

    Megashaun – I doubt the fact that they would take them back after I’ve used them. It’s no biggie. I’ll just let the anger fester.

  5. Dude, stop being such a baby. Ear-hole Resizing Surgery is totally covered by OHIP.

  6. Dude, they will take them back. I’ve returned earphones because they don’t fit before too… because I have the world’s tiniest ears… I have yet to find an ear bud that will fit. =(

  7. Thank God Dave wrote my comment before I had to.

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