2007 24-Hour Movie Marathon – Multimedia

24 Hour Movie Marathon Pics and Clips

Here is the multimedia component from our 24 Hour Movie Marathon!

Each movie will have a thumbnail of the tableau we did. You can also click below the pic on the proper option to retrieve a larger version of the picture, or a movie clip that we did.


On the Waterfront

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Could he really have been a contender?

Dirty Harry

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Do you feel lucky?

A Night at the Opera

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The new footrest has arrived.

The Way of the Gun

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Dave plays us the theme song to the movie.

Banlieue 13

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Mark gets away from his assailants using his awesome street climbing skills.

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

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A short interview with four very different people.

Forbidden Planet

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Check out how high tech we are.

The Big Lebowski

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Jorge delivers a message to Dave.


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Dave’s only path to redemption is to cut out his own tongue for Brad.

The Descent

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Spelunker Isha is scared by weirdo creature Dave.

Road House

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Dave takes down evil Jorge using his forbidden technique.

I ♥ Huckabees

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Dave and Jorge make an incredible discovery.

And that’s all, folks!

2007 24-Hour Movie Marathon – REALTIME!

Welcome to the Madness…

Here we are at Dave’s for the now annual 24-Hour Movie Marathon.

We have a webcam running for this event. Plus you can add movie_marathon@hotmail.com to your MSN messenger to chat with us while we sit around getting fatter and more delirious for the next 24 hours.

I will keep updating this entry over the course of the event.

Dave will also be recording some of the dialogue as well as me, so be sure to read both.

First Movie – Saturday Jan 13 2007 – 10:00 – On the Waterfront

Here are some lines that were said during the movie…

[Someone asked whether this movie won any accolades.]
Jorge: Didn’t every movie win something back then?

Mark: [About Brando.] He looks like a cross between Adam Ant and William Shatner.

Dave: Is his jacket tucked into his pants?
Isha: I was wondering that.
Sarah: It was the fifties.
Dave: Everything was tucked into everything back then.

[We were using IMDB to look up facts about the movie.]
Sarah: Carl Malden is 95. 96 this year.
Isha: He’s going to die now that you’ve looked him up.
Sarah: I have such power!

[Two hoodlums are talking to Marlon Brando.]
Jorge: Is that one a guy or a girl?
Isha: They’re both boys.
Cathy: They’re hoodlums.
Jorge: I think one of them is a girl.
Mark: One of them is Hilary Swank.

[Terry (Marlon Brando) is in the bar, waiting to confront Johnny Friendly.]
Father Barry: Terry, I want to see you.
Dave: I mean romantically.
Cathy: Just like back in the seminary.

It was a pretty good movie. A bit slow, but it’s got a great story.

At some points it is blatantly preachy, but it was the fifties.

At times the score really became annoying. A lot of over-the-top dramatic stuff at the strangest moments.

Second Movie – Saturday Jan 13 2007 – 12:48 – Dirty Harry

Looks like we’re starting the second movie in the red, timewise. It should be okay because Dave has built in a lot of buffer time.

About fifteen minutes into the movie Isha and Cathy have both indicated with their body language that they want to bear Clint Eastwood’s children.

[Dirty Harry and Gonzales are driving in their car at night discussing a case.]
Harry: I can’t believe those guys let them get away.
Gonzales: How could they do that?

Jorge: [In Dirty Harry’s voice.] You can’t fly a damned helicopter into a building. Didn’t you learn anything from college?

Isha: Why are they following that guy?
Mark: He had a tan suitcase.
Jorge: Didn’t you learn anything from college?

[Brad arrives about forty-five minutes into the movie.]
Brad: What’s on tap?
Isha: Dirty Harry.
Brad: Okay.
Isha: We have established, so far, that Dirty Harry is a badass.
Brad: Okay.
Mark: He is. He can even make Plaid sport jackets look cool.
Brad: I tried that in high school, but I always ended up stuffed into a locker.
Isha: You need the .44 Magnum to pull it off, I think.
Brad: Yeah. I didn’t have that.
Jorge: He only has a .38.

Most of this movie seems to happen at night. Mark picked up on this…
Mark: Did they film this entire movie at night?
Isha: They blew all their money on the first hour.

[Harry visits Gonzalez in the hospital and Gonzales’ girl is there too.]
Cathy: That’s like a fake alligator jacket.
Isha: The outrageously green one?
Jorge: All alligators are that colour.
Isha: Come on. This is the first woman that has all of her clothes on.
Jorge: Give it three more seconds.

Dirty Harry is a great movie. It has all the elements of male fantasy sprawled all over it. Guns. Violence and naked women all over the place.

I have always liked this movie. It has an interesting message. Does the end really justify the means?

When you have a gun like that, yes.

Third Movie – Saturday Jan 13 2007 – 14:31 – A Night at the Opera

This is the Marx Brothers, not really at their best. Unfortunately Duck Soup was not available.

There isn’t really a lot of movie watching going on. Essentially it’s background material to us chatting about Brad’s job, how to make latte’s with Dave & Sarah’s espresso maker, and general all around chattiness.

Mark: The Marx brothers is more buggery than sodomy, really.

Cathy: [About halfway through.]Wow. This movie has taken a positive turn since they stopped talking.

Cathy: You know, if you haven’t seen a movie before I could see how this could be funny.

What do I have to say about this movie?

Fourth Movie – Saturday Jan 13 2007 – 16:15 – The Way of the Gun

I have to say that the intro to this movie kicks ass. So does the score.

Dialog between the movie watchers is at a low after being shell-shocked by the sheer boredom that was A Night at the Opera.

I suspect that it will pick up once we have more beer.

Mark: Who is that girl?
Isha: Juliette Lewis.
Mark: Oh. I mostly hate her.
Jorge: Most people do.
Brad: She has that perfect white trash look.

[One of the characters is standing in front of a huge television.]
Cathy: That’s a huge TV.
Isha: Well, they’re rich.
Brad: Either that or she just has a really tiny head.

Dave: I hate Juliette Lewis’ feet. I hate how her big toe sticks up like that.
Mark: Her toe is like Karl Malden’s nose.
Brad: Someone should push that thing down. Maybe Harpo Marx should come out with the mallet and smack it.

[One of the guys shoots another guy in the knee after a super long-ass gunfight.]
Jorge: He’s going to shoot that other guy in the knee. And then he’s going to shoot his own knee.
Brad: And he’s going to say I wanted to make it even.

Isha: Is there a sequel?
Dave: Yes. Way of the Baby.

Any movie with credits with names like sloppy prostitute and raving bitch is awesome.

Actually, the best part is the intro with Sarah Silverman.

Did I mention that already?

Fifth Movie – Saturday Jan 13 2007 – 18:48 – Banlieue 13

For those who don’t speak French, this is District 13.

From what I know, it’s a movie about running.

A lot.

Oh! And climbing.

[The lead charater’s sister Lola is in trouble]
Jorge: He’s going to free his sister and then she’s going to run.

At this point, the pizza has arrived. We pause the movie for a few minutes.
Cathy: What are our options?
Dave: Meat.
Brad: And slightly less meat.

Isha: That guy is wearing a Tony Montana white vest!
[A few minutes later…]
Isha: There’s another guy wearing a Tony Montana vest. Oh. Wait. That’s the casino uniform.

[A female hostage is trying to use her legs to free herself. She’s wearing tights, but from an angle it doesn’t look like they are tights.]
Mark: Wow. That girl’s legs look dirty.
Dave: And hairy.
Sarah: And holey.
Brad: Well it is Europe after all.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Pretty awesome action and the plot was kinda cool.

Sixth Movie – Saturday Jan 13 2007 – 20:45 – Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

This documentary looks interesting from the description. I’ll fill you in more as we go.

This movie seems to be made up of four threads…

  • A topiary expert
  • A guy specializing in Naked Mole Rats
  • A Robotics scientist
  • An animal trainer

I have no idea how these fit together.

Seventh Movie – Saturday Jan 13 2007 – 22:35 – Forbidden Planet

A Sci-Fi flick from the fifties. This will either be entertaining, or very, very painful.

Given the number of high-treble effects in the first ten minutes, I will vote for the latter.

[Some crazy high-pitched crazy sounds are emanating from the screen.]
Mark: That’s what space really sounds like.
Dave: That’s why when you’re in space no one can hear you scream. It’s because that noise is so fucking loud.

[During a rather impressively decorated scene (for the time).]
Jorge: Wow. That’s pretty elaborate for the time. I think I have seen this movie.
Dave: Yeah?
Jorge: Yeah. I remember the tiger disintegration thing, and I think I remember this scene. I think I tried to build this out of Lego.
Cathy: I think that’s a lot larger than something you could build out of Lego.
Jorge: Quitter.

[Spoiler; A giant, invisible monster is leaving footprints in the sand.]
Brad: Look at that one giant toe!
Isha: Oh my God, it’s like..like…
Dave: Oh shit, it’s Juliette Lewis! A giant fucking Juliette Lewis!

For a movie made in the fifties, I think that it was pretty cool. So far, I think I’m liking the movies from this marathon better than last year. Or maybe I’m just not as tired.

Or maybe I’m even more tired.

Eighth Movie – Sunday Jan 14 2007 – 22:35 – The Big Lebowski

A guy I know at work swears by this movie. In fact, he uses the word dude all the time.

I’ve been really looking forward to seeing this movie so I can understand half of the references he uses.

At this point, everyone is pretty tired. During the last movie people took naps so that they could have energy for this movie. I haven’t slept yet.

Sam Elliot is in this movie, which is great because it is foreshadowing a movie that is coming up later.

There are no funny quotes from the peanut gallery for this movie. It was pretty funny on its own.

Ninth Movie – Sunday Jan 14 2007 – 02:35 – Oldboy

A Korean thriller. I’m interested to see what it’s going to be like.

[Spoiler: In one scene, Oh Dae-Su is stabbed in the back during a fight scene. The knife is not removed until well after the end.]
Jorge: It’s like a commercial for that back pain stuff.
Brad: Robaxacet?
Jorge: That’s the stuff.

Jorge: Does that girl only associate with guys with moustaches?
Brad: Just dirty ones.

[Evil villain guy walks out of the shower. He has a tattoo of a cross or something that makes his butt look much longer?]
Jorge: Who tattoos their ass crack to look bigger?

This movie twisted and turned. It had a great plot. In all honesty you should see this movie.

Be that as it may, this flick touched me in a bad place.

Tenth – Sunday Jan 14 2007 – 04:50 – The Descent

A horror movie? At 5 AM? I think we’re actually a little behind.

Brad: Is that the girl from The Hand that Rocks the Cradle?
Jorge: Rebecca Demornay?
Brad: Yeah.
Jorge: No. It’s probably a clone. They keep Rebecca Demornays in cold storage to be released every ten years.
Dave: Actually it’s her Mexican, non-union equivalent.
Jorge: Like [Speaking like Montgomery Burns.] Señor Spielbergo?

[It’s the middle of the night, and a hawk calls in the distance.]
Brad: Yeah right. Like a Red-Railed Hawk is going to call in the middle of the night.
Isha: You’ve sucked all the fun out of this movie.

Brad: You know she’s going to be using that pickaxe to boob-fuck some demons.

I don’t know about my companions, but this movie has made me afraid of caves, rain, windshield wipers and birthday cakes.

Eleventh – Sunday Jan 14 2007 – 06:30 – Road House

This movie is one of the best movies of all time. Why? Because it’s so bad, that’s why.

Dave: Did Patrick Swayze have something sticking out of his shoulder?
Jorge: It’s just his blood. It turns into a solid as it comes out.
Brad: Patrick Swayze’s blood actually solidifies into a fist so he can punch people with it. And if enough blood falls on the floor, it turns into another mini Patrick Swayze through asexual budding.

Patrick Swayze: It’s my way or the highway.
Isha: Awesome.

[Patrick Swayze’s nemesis is introduced. He looks like he’s right out of a music video from the eighties.]
Brad: He looks like a man fucker.

[Patrick Swayze is doing Tai Chi near the place where he is staying.]
Jorge: That’s not Tai Chi.
Dave: Really?
Brad: Well it’s kinda…
Jorge: Oh wait. You’re right. That move is called cloud hands.
Brad: Yeah.
Dave: What’s that move?
Jorge: Single whip.
Dave: And that one?
Jorge: Double knuckle. Not sure what that next one is, though.
Dave: Sweaty back.

[Patrick Swayze walks into Red’s store wearing an interesting top.]
Dave: Is that…Is that a Gi?
Brad: Yes. Yes it is.

[Kelly Lynch appears in a patterned dress.]
Brad: You gotta love a woman who wears a table cloth.

[After a big barfight…]
Jimmy (Swayze’s Nemesis): [Pointing at Swayze.] Your ass is mine, boy.
Brad: Told you he was a manfucker!

For every movie last year, we held up the title (or made sure a screenshot of the movie was in the background). This year we elected to do something different.

This year we did a still photo (tableau) of us acting out a scene of each movie, and also did a short movie. For this movie we elected to act out a critical scene. I wasn’t going to include this until the next blog entry, but I have to share our tired logic…Oh yeah, spoilers…

Jorge: Should we do the throat tear for the still photo, and then you can be Kelly Lynch and I do you against the wall?
Brad: Hmmm…
Dave: No way. The throat tear totally needs to be our video clip.
Jorge: Yeah?
Brad: Hell yeah.
Jorge: But what are we going to use for…
Dave: Dude, we can find a throat that we can use somewhere around here…
Brad: We have ham…

Twelfth – Sunday Jan 14 2007 – 08:35 – I ♥ Huckabees

I’ve seen this before. Actually, I’ve seen it recently. So I am using this as an opportunity to check over everything I’ve written.

Which seems to be a lot.

Brad and Isha are asleep on the couches.

Everyone is too tired to talk.

I think we’re all going to die.

10:15 – It’s Freakin’ Over!

At least for another year.

Thanks to all those who actually tuned in to the webcam and msn chat (go Biscuit!)

More when I actually gain some of my sanity back after a nap.