Fishing Expedition

You Just Have To Use the Right Bait

This blog gets a fair bit of traffic; a lot of the movement is due to spam, which I find hilarious. I remember when I first started and spam was very obvious. Now spam comes in the form of carefully crafted (yet generic) compliments in the comments section.

The funny thing is that almost all of these comments are left here. Things like “I really like your point of view” and “this is a very well written blog” kind of stick out like a sore thumb on a page that’s all about pictures of beer labels.




Yesterday, my daughter said something to be that was very interesting; it was at the end of a conversation about the words stupid and ugly. I know that kids are smarter than we think, but Little J never ceases to surprise me with her insight…

Little J: Daddy?
Big J: Yes, sweetheart?
Little J: Ugly is a stupid word.
Big J: That’s very true.
Little J: Uh-huh.
Big J: And you know something else?
Little J: What, Daddy?
Big J: Stupid is an ugly word.
Little J: Yes. It is. I don’t like those words.

Thanks, Nestle.


They say that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Sometimes the words in pictures are not worth anything.

Wow. Really?
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