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The Skinny

Today’s entry, for my current writing feature, is someone who I have known for quite a long time. I consider him a good friend and would trust him with a great deal. A lot of praise for someone that I have never physically met.
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Thumbs Up


Lucky Me!

A few years ago I took over Toronto Thumbs from Shaun Hatton (also known as the god of hair). When it was handed to me, I sent out a request to a select few people within my social circles for help with managing content (aka: writing). The offers to help were few, but very much appreciated.
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“I’ve Slept In the Corpses of Water Buffalo Tougher Than You!”

Boom! Headshot.

My buddy (who I will refer to as Lanfranc) and I play TF2 fairly often. It’s a fun diversion that you can sink into for an hour and then disengage from without to much remorse.

My favourite class is the Sniper. One of the physically weaker characters, the Sniper relies on stealth, guile, and…oh yeah…a kickass rifle with a huge scope on it.

Part of my goal is to be able to have at least a 50% headshot ratio. So, in a moment of nerdery, I am going to post a JPG of the scoreboard from one of the TF2 servers I play on.

Check this out…

This is the scoreboard from earlier tonight, just before I logged off.
Click to enlarge…

Nawt tew shabby eh, Wankehs?