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The Skinny

Today’s entry, for my current writing feature, is someone who I have known for quite a long time. I consider him a good friend and would trust him with a great deal. A lot of praise for someone that I have never physically met.

Not all of our writers are located in the GTA. This fellow is out West, and has an affinity towards games involving strategy. Optimistic and witty, this guy is punny and intelligent. His writing is easy to process and enjoyable to read – and it always makes a positive impact, even when he indicates that something is not fun to play. Truly, he is a constructive critic.

Earlier in the year, he stepped up to the plate in terms of event coverage and kicked major ass at a major event. He is also my go-to guy for skeptical analysis – he is exceptional at unearthing scams and is also great at finding flaws; only greater than this is his ability to offer solutions and constructive feedback.

What is also great about him is his sheer passion for gaming. I would hand the site to this guy if I ever needed to leave it.

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