Thumbs Up – Bright-Eyes and Bushy-Tailed


The Skinny

The first victim, I mean subject of my writing feature is someone who was as green as Kermit the Frog; but this person had the heart to become one of our key members.

I gave this guy a chance based on his initial enthusiasm; and I am very happy that I did. His innocence in regards to the industry as well as his outlook were both refreshing, especially when you consider that a disturbing number of people outside of Thumbs that do the same thing act like spoiled brats with a massive sense of entitlement. This guy is always happy to take stuff on and works hard. He makes sure to take away something positive from every encounter, treating every situation like a learning experience.

What his writing lacks in polish, it makes up for in sheer gusto. If there was any more enthusiasm and wonder contained within the body of his work, I think the internet would probably explode, unleashing a wave of child-like positivity that would cause us all to hate George Perez while extolling the virtues of the Pikmin franchise. A true diamond in the rough, he has the potential to go far.

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