Welcome to the Fig-tionary

The Fig-tionary is a blog entry where you can submit a typo in the comments section and I will create a definition for that typo. It is a means to turn our everyday mistakes into potential hilarity. Please feel free to submit any typos you wish, and I will try my best to get you a definition within a day or so. There are lots of previous examples you can access by clicking on the Fig-tionary category located in the menu bar.

Why the Fig-tionary?

Have you ever made a mistake whilst typing in MSN Messenger or e-mail? Don’t you hate how once you click send and the person reads your message that you cannot ever take back that typo?

Just send us your mistakes, and we will invent a definition for you so that it becomes a real word!

For example (taken from an MSN Conversation)…

Person: I’m so uncreatice [intended word: uncreative]
Jorge: Uncreatice is a cool new word!
Person: Yes, but what does it mean?
Jorge: Uncreatice – A singularly plain carapace worn on the head.
Person: lol!

No longer will you be stuck with no snappy comebacks. You will never have to worry about people laughing at you for using a word that doesn’t exist. Just send them a link to the Fig-tionary entry for your word, and they will be in awe of your extensive vocabulary.

Again, this blog entry will be permanently embedded on the side of Barking Space to facilitate contribution. Just leave your request in the comments.

The Origin of the Fig-tionary

Previously, I had created the means for people to submit any typos they had let loose upon the world, so that I might create definitions for these typos. I called it Crazy Definitions.

However, this was not really a catchy name. Cat came up with the name Fig-tionary. Now that is catchy!

What Are You Waiting For?

Start submitting!

(Added July 24, 2006)

Due to the shift from MSN Spaces to WordPress, I will not be copying the comments over. Instead you will have to e-mail me your requests. Thank you for your patience.

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