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A few years ago I took over Toronto Thumbs from Shaun Hatton (also known as the god of hair). When it was handed to me, I sent out a request to a select few people within my social circles for help with managing content (aka: writing). The offers to help were few, but very much appreciated.

Over the years, contributors have come and gone. There have been (and still are) great writers and not-so-great ones. There have been enthusiastic go-getters, freeloaders, fun people, odd people, great ideas, broken promises (deadlines), and yes, even a blatant plagiarist. Given that any position in Toronto Thumbs is voluntary (and unpaid), a particular level of churn should really come as no surprise to anyone.

I realized the other day (after posting the 2012 CVA podcast) that I have been very lucky that the overall quality of the writing that I receive from the staff is fantastic. When thinking about the current roster, I couldn’t ask for a more gifted and fun bunch of people to act as crew on this rickety website that we run for the love of gaming.

Over the next few posts, I will briefly write about each of the writers on staff. As they tend to be shy monkeys, I will not use their real names; instead, I will use nicknames that I have concocted for each one. I feel that this tribute is the least I can do for such awesome people.

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