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The Skinny

For the next entry in my Toronto Thumbs writing feature, I would like to talk about a gent that lives half a world away.

I honestly don’t remember exactly when this fellow first approached me. I recall that it was around the time when we were still transitioning between site leaders (Shaun and myself). While the date is fuzzy, I remember his approach being simple and honest.

The normal process is to give people a chance and allow them to write a review; previous writing samples have usually had time to sit and have also been edited for the most part – if they haven’t, it makes for an interesting evaluative period. When reading this person’s first Thumbs review, I was taken aback at the quality of the words. To me, it was something akin to poetry. I enjoy every piece he writes – even more, it seems, in the rare case that I disagree with his opinion on a game.

When he recommends something to me (particularly Nintendo titles, I take heed; he lives in Japan after all, and has access to many titles before we do. I have never physically met this guy; but I feel like our friendship will become even stronger.

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