2007 24-Hour Movie Marathon – Multimedia

24 Hour Movie Marathon Pics and Clips

Here is the multimedia component from our 24 Hour Movie Marathon!

Each movie will have a thumbnail of the tableau we did. You can also click below the pic on the proper option to retrieve a larger version of the picture, or a movie clip that we did.


On the Waterfront

Click to enlarge…

Could he really have been a contender?

Dirty Harry

Click to enlarge…

Do you feel lucky?

A Night at the Opera

Click to enlarge…

The new footrest has arrived.

The Way of the Gun

Click to enlarge…

Dave plays us the theme song to the movie.

Banlieue 13

Click to enlarge…

Mark gets away from his assailants using his awesome street climbing skills.

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

Click to enlarge…

A short interview with four very different people.

Forbidden Planet

Click to enlarge…

Check out how high tech we are.

The Big Lebowski

Click to enlarge…

Jorge delivers a message to Dave.


Click to enlarge…

Dave’s only path to redemption is to cut out his own tongue for Brad.

The Descent

Click to enlarge…

Spelunker Isha is scared by weirdo creature Dave.

Road House

Click to enlarge…

Dave takes down evil Jorge using his forbidden technique.

I ♥ Huckabees

Click to enlarge…

Dave and Jorge make an incredible discovery.

And that’s all, folks!

8 Responses

  1. Is Dave using a cat hair roller thingy in place of a gun in your Dirty Harry picture?

  2. OMG, break dancing! You were out of control. Would have love to have caught that on the webcam.

  3. Beth – Yes. That is EXACTLY right.

    Biscuit – Hahaha. That WAS kinda fun. My tribute to “Leito” in the movie. We ended up actually doing a chase scene for the movie because it would have been a shame not to.

  4. Those were HIGHlarious!

    My fav? probly the one of Jorgy wee-weeing on Dave and Sarah’s carpet.

  5. LOL you left me laughing out loud … my dogs think I am nuts … You truly do have fun !!!! 🙂 and here I thought all along that I was nuts LOL … It’s good to see friends having that much fun together!

  6. Dude, I love this! Probably won’t do a repeat post on my site, but maybe I’ll just talk about my top three there.

    You thought we were nerdy this year? Next year, we’re gonna have a lighting guy, and a crane, and nudity. It’ll be wicked.

  7. awww, we chatted during I heart Huckabees. I heart IM’ing Jorge.

  8. You are absolutely silly. I love it! Thank you for sharing Jorge, you will be a great Father.

    Take care,


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