McFiggy Do

Big Night

A great time was had last night.

Some friends of ours threw us a baby shower for Baby McFiggy last night.

Due to the challenge of finding a suitable venue, we asked them to throw it at our place, which allowed our friends to come see our house.

So, not only was it an awesome party, but it also served as a stress test for our place, to see if it could deal with a relatively large crowd.

And a large crowd it was. The rooms and hallways were full of friends.


I wanted to do a general thank you here to everyone who came. Your presence and presents were very much appreciated.

Raising a baby is challenge enough. Your generous gifts will make it easier to take care of our little one.

I also wanted to thank our friends who threw the shower. They worked really hard to make everything go smoothly. Several other of our friends also helped with food and drinks.

We are truly blessed.

I can’t wait for you all to meet Baby McFiggy!


I Caved

Adrian tagged me with a challenge. Namely, list five reasons why I blog.

As most of you know, I don’t particularly care for lists. But since Adrian is a friend of mine, I figured I would rise to the challenge.

So, why do I blog?

It’s hard to put something like this into words, but I’ll give it a shot. Certainly my reasons may be different from when I first started, so for a list of five reasons as of this very moment…

1 – Amusement

I quite enjoy writing. It’s a lot of fun. Some of my friends say that I’m funny. And some of the things that occur in everyday life are just too good to keep to myself. Sharing them here makes me laugh even more sometimes.

2 – Challenge

Every once in a while, I will tell Dave a story about either something that happened to me, or something that I saw. He usually asks if I will blog about it, and I profess uncertainty. It is at this point that the challenge is issued: Can Jorge write a story and get the same reaction from the audience that he did when he used the spoken word? I’m pretty stubborn. Backing down from a challenge is usually not the way to go for me. So I hit the keys and see if I can do it.

3 – Information Dissemination

I like keeping my friends in the loop. At the same time, I’m not really a brag letter kinda guy. Important events and such that take place are usually relayed here in some form or another. Due to certain aspects of my life which I like to keep away from the public eye, some of these events are in code. You have to be in the club to understand.

4 – No Good Reason

Just because. Moving on…

5 – People

I enjoy attention. I like to make people laugh. I like to make people happy. At times, I find it helpful when I can make people understand how I feel by using my words and making them feel the same way. Without people, this would just be a diary. And if it was that, I’d just use a little notebook. I love comments. I love the interaction.

Now, it’s Your Turn

In true tagging form, I will ask the following people to answer the call. What are five of your reasons for blogging?

Goodbye Footnotes, Hello FootNotz

Footnotes: A Thing of the Past

I tend to use a lot of footnotes when I blog. There are just so many references that I figured I would keep the flow of my articles by using this handy system.

The problem is that footnotes don’t always make reading a blog easier. In books they work well because you don’t have to use a scrollbar to read them. Car accidents like this can give you carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hence FootNotz. Why FootNotz? Well, they are not footnotes. And they are spelled with a z at the end to give them that urban edge.

So just hover your mouse over any text in this purplish colour and be amazed!

I’m sure Beth might be able to use this exciting new feature to avoid things like this.

FootNotz, the way of the future.

Da, Tovarisch


Dave sent out a link to our local e-mail group talking about how J.J. Abrams will be directing an adaptation of The Dark Tower in the near future…

Jorge: Think about it. Sam Elliot as Roland.
Dave: I don’t know, mano. I think the actor would have to be someone unknown.
J: Come on*. Sam Elliot.
D: Um…No.
J: Well, in either case, Sam is in Ghost Rider which comes out this weekend.
D: Oh yeah! Hmmmm….
J: I think Sam might be the original Gorst** Rider. It’s in the trailer. He’s on horseback.
D: Gorst Rider, eh?
J: Sorry, I meant Borscht Rider.
D: Hahaha.
J: [With Russian Accent.] Loook at mi. I am a big Russian man ridingk around on a donkey geevingk out fud!
D: Do you have any powers? No?
J: [Still with the Russian Accent.] No. I hef no powers. But I hef a bakhpakh weeth an unlimitet supplye ov beets and sour cream.
D: Bloggit***.

* – See this for a deeper look into this convincing style of debate.
** – I made a boo boo when talking.
*** – No people from Russia were hurt during the making of this blog article. In actual fact, I studied Russian in university, and have always liked the language.

Say What?

Double Take

I love misheard lyrics.

Always an endless source of entertainment, it always makes me smile when I hear someone singing a strange version of a song that I know well.

I also find it funny when I do this myself, finding out later that I was an embarassment to musicians everywhere.

One of my all-time favourite misheard lyrics is…

Excuse me, while I kiss this guy…

This is, of course, from the song Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. The original line is…

Excuse me, while I kiss the sky…

Double Take Two

I don’t listen to the radio very often, so I’m not really up on what’s hip.

I heard a song recently by the Pussycat Dolls on the radio where I thought I heard…

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was raw like meat…

I laughed and laughed.

What sorts of misheard lyrics have you been guilty of singing?