Goodbye Footnotes, Hello FootNotz

Footnotes: A Thing of the Past

I tend to use a lot of footnotes when I blog. There are just so many references that I figured I would keep the flow of my articles by using this handy system.

The problem is that footnotes don’t always make reading a blog easier. In books they work well because you don’t have to use a scrollbar to read them. Car accidents like this can give you carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hence FootNotz. Why FootNotz? Well, they are not footnotes. And they are spelled with a z at the end to give them that urban edge.

So just hover your mouse over any text in this purplish colour and be amazed!

I’m sure Beth might be able to use this exciting new feature to avoid things like this.

FootNotz, the way of the future.

12 Responses

  1. This is a really cool discovery, Jorge!

  2. Thanks.
    It’s actually not a big deal, and has been around for a while on the webz.
    Dave and I are just slow to adopt things on account of us being…er…slow.

  3. COOLNESS!!!!

    (dudes always know where to find the cool gadgets!)

  4. Excellent way to footnote. The wonders of modern technology….

  5. you are *way* smart.

    Thanks for the tipz.


  6. Alt tags are great aren’t they?

    Nice theme choice by the way… hahahaha…
    (isn’t it great?)

  7. And I’m still learning what CSS is. Damn, I need a brain like yours!

    Take care,


  8. Coolnezz!

    (shaddup, it works! even if it’s not as flow-y as notz.)

  9. This footnotz thing is awesome! And I like your new look here too!!

  10. For those of you interested in the behind the scenes dirt of how FootNotz was created, it went a little something like this.

    D: I was thinking the other day…
    J: Doubtful.
    D: Shut up. You know how you can make it so when you hover over a hyperlink, you get a little pop-up of text? Can you do that for plain old non-hyperlinked text? It’d be a good way to get around footnoting.
    J: Yeah, I was thinking about that a while back. You might be about to [something about alt tabs], or maybe [something about the internets.]
    D: Sounds good. Get on that.
    J: You know I’m at work, right?
    D: Like you’re gonna turn down a challenge.
    J: (pause) FUGGER! Alright, I’ll call you back.

    [ten minutes pass]

    J: Okay, I’ve pulled it off. Check out my latest post.
    D: Woo-hoo! We did it!
    J: (pause) Yes. We.

  11. Bastard.
    I gave you ten minutes of my valuable lunch time, and all I got out of it was the clap.

  12. Ok. So. Why do you and Dave use the word “fugger”? I’m curious because I just finished a young adult novel where the protagonist and his best friend always use the word “fugger” instead of actually cussing. hmmm . . .

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