Inappropriately Lost

Inappropriately Stated

On a regular basis, I go for lunch with Shatton. We usually go to the food court located in his building to a place called Manchu Wok.

Shatton came up with the verb Manchu-wokking to describe this activity.

As always, with the good and the funnay, I shared this info with Mrs. J.

Last night, we were talking about our plans for today. She wanted to use this magical verb, but ended up leaving out a section of the root word, creating a completely different word…

Mrs. J: So tomorrow I’m going to check out Sears.
Jorge: Sure.
Mrs. J: And for lunch, you’ll be…[Trails off.]
Jorge: I’ll be what?
Mrs. J: I was going to say that you’ll be Manchu-ing with Shatton.
Jorge: That just sounds wrong.
[They both laugh.]

Lost and Found

I posted an article about Lost a while ago. You can read that post here.

How do people feel about this show now?

I remember at the beginning when I would salivate at the mere mention of the word Lost.

Now I don’t care about it at all. I watch it for the sake of seeing how they’re going to rescue the show rather than the folks on the island.


Resonating Themes

Mrs. J and I had an interesting discussion about the movies that we like. Mrs. J pointed out that I tend to like science fiction and fantasy, but I countered with a different perspective. I mentioned that I liked all sorts of movies, but the common thread throughout all of them was a rich history.

What I mean by that is, within the movie itself, there are references to events that happen outside the scope of the movie that help give the characters depth. I happen to like rich character history. Unfortunately, not all movies do this very well.

However, on Sunday night, as I was falling asleep, I wondered if that was the prime requisite for my ability to enjoy a movie. Maybe not even just movies, but television as well…

I saw two movies this past weekend. Mrs. J and I saw Reign Over Me, and I watched 300 on my own.

Those movies are very different.

Yet, there is a common thread between the two: deep friendship.

And I wondered if this was not a bigger contributor to my enjoyment of visual entertainment than the rich tapestry of a well thought-out history.

I value my friendships a great deal. Even those that one would consider simple associations.

My joy and faith in my friends is almost child-like in nature. I am so easily excited by the idea of spending time with friends, that it’s probably overwhelming to them.

I enjoy what my friends mean to me.

I have a small circle of very close friends, each of whom I love for my own reasons. Each of them mean a great deal to me.

So when I see characters on the big (or little) screen that are written to portray strong bonds with their friends, I tend to enjoy what I am watching even more.

Here are some examples. I will try to be as spoiler-free as I can…

Reign Over Me

Alan Johnson, a dentist, runs into Charlie Fineman, his old college roommate. Charlie’s family died during 9/11, and he just doesn’t seem the same. A lot of the movie deals with they way that Alan copes with this, toeing the line between doing the right thing for his friend, and making sure he doesn’t shatter his friend’s delicate state of mind. It’s a heartwarming tale of dedication and friendship, and really makes you value who your friends are.


This movie wasn’t made to be a tear jerker. That being said, it is still an incredible story of a group of men who were more than just soldiers. They were brothers and friends who believed in each other, standing together against impossible odds to defend their homeland. It’s certainly possible to train to fight as a group, but there is an extra advantage when you are all friends. It’s almost as if unspoken communication takes over, allowing you to act as one.

While I could go on listing all of my favourite shows all day, I’ll leave it at that. It’s interesting to think about why certain stories resonate with yourself.

I’m curious as to what sorts of stories that all of you like. More importantly, why do you like them? Do you have similar reasons?

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Tagged, eh?

Jules has tagged me with the task of listing ten things I can’t live without.

The catch?

This list excludes people and animals.

So without further ado…

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Creativity
  5. Energy
  6. The Sun
  7. Determination
  8. Chopsticks
  9. Music
  10. Verbs

Sorry, Jules. That’s the best I can do at this time. It is quite late and I’m really tired.

I tag…

Reality Check

I Know Something You Don’t Know
Please note. There are quite a few expletives contained. This is, however, critical to the accurate telling of this story…

After an appointment I had today, I decided to walk home.

My normal walk home is about twenty-five minutes. Today, though, I decided to take a long way home, on account of me feeling sluggish and also feeling the need for exercise.

It’s a good thing I decided to do this, because I ended up meeting a very interesting character on the way home…

[Jorge is walking down the street and sees an older gentleman approaching. The elderly man is probably in his seventies, and shuffling along slowly. Jorge smiles at the man.]
Jorge: Good evening!
Old Man: [With a slightly Slavic accent.] It is indeed! Can you believe how warm it is?
J: It has been a pretty mild winter.
OM: But can you believe it? The snow is almost gone!
J: I heard that tomorrow’s temperature is supposedly going to be in the double digits!
OM: What wonderful news! It reminds me of the story of Noah.
J: Really?
OM: Oh yes! Forty days and forty nights of rain, and then the thing came back with something in their mouth!
J: You mean the Doves carrying the Olive branches?
OM: Exactly. You learned that in school, yes?
J: Yes.
OM: Me too. Listen, were you raised a Christian?
J: I went to Catholic school.
[The Old Man puts one hand on Jorge’s shoulder and clasps both of Jorge’s hands in the other. He looks into Jorge’s eyes imploringly.]
OM: Can I talk to you for five minutes?
J: Uh, sure.
OM: There is a lot wrong in the world today.
J :Definitely.
OM: I know why that is.
J: Why?
OM: I watch TV every night. EVERY NIGHT.
J: And what do you see?
OM: I watch TV every night. The other night I saw they’d discovered where Jesus Christ is buried, and they found a box full of his bones!
J: Oh yeah. I read about that. The ossuaries.
OM: Those guys who discovered these bones are full of shit.
J: You think so?
OM: [Clearly becoming agitated. He’s not even really looking at Jorge anymore.] They are all fucking bastards!
J: Well then…
OM: Oh yes! This is the truth my friend! [Makes a fist and smacks it into his other open palm.]
J: [Nods.]
OM: Seriously. It’s unbelievable. These fucking bastards are all lying! Jesus would never have bones!
J: So they say.
OM: Oh yes. He wouldn’t have bones because he’s the fucking son of God. He’s [Really loudly.] Divinity! The guy in the box is not Jesus Christ. And the Anti-Christ is here!
J: I see…
OM: The fucking Anti-Christ is here! Those are his bones. Those aren’t Jesus’ fucking bones! Do you know why Jesus is divinity?
J: No, why?
OM: Because he was born to a woman who never slept with anyone. She never fucked anyone! Now that’s divinity. The Anti-Christ, he doesn’t have this.
J: Ah. Well. I guess he doesn’t.
[Reaches forward and shakes Jorge’s hand.]
OM: I am a Hungarian and Yugoslavian. And now? A Canadian! What do you think about that?
J: I think that’s just great. Ah well, I need to go now.
OM: Me too. [Noticably calmer.] I need to get moving. [Begins to slowly shuffle away.]
J: [Waving as he heads off in the opposite direction, and shouts over his shoulder.] See you around! You might want to buy a canoe! You never know when that next flood will happen!

I swear that is exactly how that conversation went down.

My discomfort at the subject matter was offset by my amusment at a very old man swearing like a sailor.

A Friendly Question

Is it possible to be everyone’s friend without sacrificing yourself in the bargain?