Inappropriately Lost

Inappropriately Stated

On a regular basis, I go for lunch with Shatton. We usually go to the food court located in his building to a place called Manchu Wok.

Shatton came up with the verb Manchu-wokking to describe this activity.

As always, with the good and the funnay, I shared this info with Mrs. J.

Last night, we were talking about our plans for today. She wanted to use this magical verb, but ended up leaving out a section of the root word, creating a completely different word…

Mrs. J: So tomorrow I’m going to check out Sears.
Jorge: Sure.
Mrs. J: And for lunch, you’ll be…[Trails off.]
Jorge: I’ll be what?
Mrs. J: I was going to say that you’ll be Manchu-ing with Shatton.
Jorge: That just sounds wrong.
[They both laugh.]

Lost and Found

I posted an article about Lost a while ago. You can read that post here.

How do people feel about this show now?

I remember at the beginning when I would salivate at the mere mention of the word Lost.

Now I don’t care about it at all. I watch it for the sake of seeing how they’re going to rescue the show rather than the folks on the island.