A Little More Conversation…

…a Little Less Action Please

Ah, 2007’s first MSN conversation.

Actually, it’s somewhat of a ploy.

This conversation is actually from last year. I’m just getting around to posting it now. In fact, I have a few conversations stored up, so I will at least have something to post on a rainy day.

This conversation is between me and my friend Beth

Poor, poor
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Making the Grade

Barefoot, You Say?*

I have two friends that are participating in a martial arts grading this weekend.

These gradings are a great experience, but also very nerve-wracking.

Both of these people are very good at what they do.

They don’t really need luck, to be honest with you.

But a little comment lovin’ never hurt anyone.

Send them some positive vibes, people!

* – This is a reference to William Shatner. If you don’t get it, don’t sweat it.

My Cousin the Genius

Señor Spielbergo, Eat This!

My cousin Steve is awesome.

Steve and his friends occasionally make hilarious films about all kinds of stuff.

Rather than try to explain them, check out his latest work called Shuffle. It’s awesome…

Be sure to check out some of his other stuff.

The Boy Scout Motto

Be Prepared

Having children seems to be a very complicated thing.

Back in the days of the cave-people, I suspect that Oog and Aag had to go out into the forest to make sure they had enough palm fronds and rocks to use as diapers and toys for their hairy bundle of nerves with a prominent brow.

And so here we, in modern times, must do the same thing, albeit more so.

Cloth diapers or disposable? Change table? Light saber or blaster?

So many decisions.

So, being the forward-thinking guy that I am, I started a list of stuff that we will need so that I don’t forget anything.

Things like…

  • Crib
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • A steady stream of WhyNattes
  • Diapers
  • Receiving Blankets*
  • Sleepers
  • Baby poncho, sunglasses and cowboy hat

I’m not going to write the whole thing here, as it would take too long and most likely overload the internets.

So, good people (especially parents), I need some advice.

What would you put on the list?

Go bananas…

* – Is it just me, or does this sound like something for a football player.

2007 24-Hour Movie Marathon – Multimedia

24 Hour Movie Marathon Pics and Clips

Here is the multimedia component from our 24 Hour Movie Marathon!

Each movie will have a thumbnail of the tableau we did. You can also click below the pic on the proper option to retrieve a larger version of the picture, or a movie clip that we did.


On the Waterfront

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Could he really have been a contender?

Dirty Harry

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Do you feel lucky?

A Night at the Opera

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The new footrest has arrived.

The Way of the Gun

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Dave plays us the theme song to the movie.

Banlieue 13

Click to enlarge…

Mark gets away from his assailants using his awesome street climbing skills.

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

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A short interview with four very different people.

Forbidden Planet

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Check out how high tech we are.

The Big Lebowski

Click to enlarge…

Jorge delivers a message to Dave.


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Dave’s only path to redemption is to cut out his own tongue for Brad.

The Descent

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Spelunker Isha is scared by weirdo creature Dave.

Road House

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Dave takes down evil Jorge using his forbidden technique.

I ♥ Huckabees

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Dave and Jorge make an incredible discovery.

And that’s all, folks!