A Little More Conversation…

…a Little Less Action Please

Ah, 2007’s first MSN conversation.

Actually, it’s somewhat of a ploy.

This conversation is actually from last year. I’m just getting around to posting it now. In fact, I have a few conversations stored up, so I will at least have something to post on a rainy day.

This conversation is between me and my friend Beth

Poor, poor
Click to enlarge…

4 Responses

  1. Ah… I find it vaguely disturbing that you’ve been keeping that conversation for all this time 😛

  2. sounds like you have many an interesting conversation …lol I really like your icons !

  3. I won’t even dignify this will a comment.


  4. Oh my Jorge,

    So funny! I’m happy I can type with one hand – uh, that’s used mostly at work…

    Will this comment lodge my foot deeper into my mouth??? 😛

    Take care,


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