Flies Along

Time Flies…

On Saturday I participated in a fifteen hour marathon Karate class.

I suspect there are very few who would consider that a fun way to spend a Saturday.

I, however, enjoyed what I learned immensely.

In my opinion, it’s great to push your physical and mental limits, because it’s the only way you will develop. Expanding one’s own potential is a marvellous thing. If you never do it, you’ll never be everything you were meant to be.

I have a lot of work to do. Lots of polishing of movements and interpretation of the chicken-scratch that I refer to as my notes.

I will be busy for a while.

Strolling Along

Does anyone have any recommendations for a stroller for an infant?

Mrs. J and I were out on the weekend looking for one and figured that a travel system would be the best way to go about things.

The interesting thing is how complicated it is to choose one.

Certainly there is a lot of selection. The problem begins when you try to figure out what features you need.

It’s worse than buying a car!

Truthfully, I think that shopping for strollers is a lot more tiring than a fifteen hour Karate marathon…