Best of Times to You and Yours

I won’t write a long entry.

Just a simple wish for you and for me.

From the bottom of my heart I hope that 2007 is one of the best years ever for everyone.

A picture of me in which I look
much less Rebo than last year.
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Have fun, everybody!

Lemme ‘Splain. No. Too Long. Lemme Summup.

The Year in Review

I suppose that at some point before the calendar page turns each of us should look back and take stock of what has transpired over the last twelve months. It’s not always an easy thing to do. Most things that we don’t need to do are difficult.

Some of us human beings are preoccupied with keeping score. Trying to make sure that we come out on top.

Interestingly enough, if we want to come out on top, we always will. We always have the option of eclipsing the bad with the good if we like. Of course, this can also work in reverse.

There are those among us who never deal with the negative things that they have done (especially to others). These people coast through life wreaking havoc, never stopping to clean up the messes that they leave.

I think it takes more strength to look back on the bad things and see what benefit you can gain from something that possibly took a chunk out of you.

I had originally written a long post about my trials and tribulations this year. After reading it for the nth time, I came to the decision to delete it.

It sounded too whiny. Too negative. The whole point was to try and find the positives in the bad things that happened. But there weren’t enough solutions.

So I’m going to keep it to myself. My own list of things to work on. Inevitably I can see a lot of you trying to put forth pep-talks and such. But I don’t really need those. What I need to do is take care of my own list by myself (maybe with a little help from my friends).

So in place of my giant article, I offer up this vague list to sum up my year…

  • Exercise disappointment
  • 24-Hour Movie Marathon goodness
  • Unspeakable loss
  • Great times with friends
  • Visiting our treasure in the South
  • A pleasant surprise
  • Unreasonable fears
  • Energy renewed
  • Another loss
  • A visit from our treasure from the South
  • A house
  • Hitting my wall for the first time in a long time
  • Coming up with a plan to overcome the wall
  • Making a new, very great friend
  • Counting myself lucky to have solid friendships

Trust me, you would have fallen asleep at the original post.

Merry Ho Ho

It’s the 25th!

Christmas is here, but it’s a stretch for a lot of people to believe.

What with the fact that you don’t have to shovel any snow. That and you can probably get a tan from walking outside in the sunshine while wearing a t-shirt.

Heck, I was cleaning my eavestroughs last weekend. Craziness.

This year has been interesting, but I will talk more about that next week.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday celebration, no matter what you believe in.

At long last, a glimpse of the red wall.
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The Longest Trip

I think it’s a crime to tell someone to forget the past.

I’ve heard plenty of people tell other people to leave the past behind them. They say not to dwell on things that have happened.

I disagree.

While it’s not healthy to obsess about the negative things that have happened to us in our lives, it is certainly important to note that these incidents helped shape who we are.

A friend of mine is having some problems letting go of an issue. I told her that it’s okay to think about it, but to make it the sole purpose of her life may be stretching it a bit.

Some of her friends tell her to forget what’s troubling her. They ask her to bury it, so that it may never resurface.

In my opinion, it’s always good to deal with it in a constructive way, and move on. It will always be there in your mind. But if you choose to acknowledge your past, you will have a much easier time moving on with life.

On any trip, it’s always wise to carry at least a little baggage.


My Writing Sux

Have I become so entrenched in the keyboard interface that I have forgotten how to do cursive?

One would think so, considering I had to toss out several Christmas cards several times due to crappy writing.

The sad part is that I think that most of the people who receive the good ones still won’t be able to read them.