Lemme ‘Splain. No. Too Long. Lemme Summup.

The Year in Review

I suppose that at some point before the calendar page turns each of us should look back and take stock of what has transpired over the last twelve months. It’s not always an easy thing to do. Most things that we don’t need to do are difficult.

Some of us human beings are preoccupied with keeping score. Trying to make sure that we come out on top.

Interestingly enough, if we want to come out on top, we always will. We always have the option of eclipsing the bad with the good if we like. Of course, this can also work in reverse.

There are those among us who never deal with the negative things that they have done (especially to others). These people coast through life wreaking havoc, never stopping to clean up the messes that they leave.

I think it takes more strength to look back on the bad things and see what benefit you can gain from something that possibly took a chunk out of you.

I had originally written a long post about my trials and tribulations this year. After reading it for the nth time, I came to the decision to delete it.

It sounded too whiny. Too negative. The whole point was to try and find the positives in the bad things that happened. But there weren’t enough solutions.

So I’m going to keep it to myself. My own list of things to work on. Inevitably I can see a lot of you trying to put forth pep-talks and such. But I don’t really need those. What I need to do is take care of my own list by myself (maybe with a little help from my friends).

So in place of my giant article, I offer up this vague list to sum up my year…

  • Exercise disappointment
  • 24-Hour Movie Marathon goodness
  • Unspeakable loss
  • Great times with friends
  • Visiting our treasure in the South
  • A pleasant surprise
  • Unreasonable fears
  • Energy renewed
  • Another loss
  • A visit from our treasure from the South
  • A house
  • Hitting my wall for the first time in a long time
  • Coming up with a plan to overcome the wall
  • Making a new, very great friend
  • Counting myself lucky to have solid friendships

Trust me, you would have fallen asleep at the original post.

14 Responses

  1. This was the year that made our vows ring more true than I would have ever imagined they would/could be. When I wrote my vows about “good times and bad”, we had never known bad. Since then we’ve learned about “challenging times” and “not so great times”, but this year we faced “bad times”. And I’ve never loved you or respected you more for the way that you both helped me through it and weathered it on your own. We are a team. We shared pain together and we have grown both individually and as a couple. I think we wear some battle scars from it all, and maybe this is where your original post comes from. I’m not sure. But I know that I’m proud of both of us. We’ve had a very, very long 2006. 2007 is going to be a whole other ride, baby!


  2. Hey Jorge, are you calling me whiny?? 😉

    Here’s to a much better year in 2007 for all of us!

  3. A well put together sum of the year. The trials I have known of, you have overcome some big ones, that fill a place of sadness in your heart . But remember always what a kind giving man you are. You are strong and give strength to others as they do for you. You make me smile no matter how dark(my world may be) …You teach respect for others and they in return give it to you …This new year holds so much for you and Mrs.J … The times will not all be joyious, but joy will be there. You have each other to hang on to . 🙂 …
    Thank you for all you have given me in the name of friendship. This year I can say I have made a very special friend indeed .


  4. I hope that ‘unspeakable loss’ can be replaced with ‘indescribable joy’ this next year, Jorge.

  5. Have a happy new year Mr and Mrs J. Your lives are about to become more focused than ever before with the gift that you will be receiving next year. You two are great people and I am proud to know you both. Have a happy new year and let’s all try to be as possitive as Jorge has been throughout 2006.

  6. Okay, you had me at the post itself, but then the Mrs. had to go and write such a beautiful comment, and now I’m off to search for tissues.

    I’m so proud to know you, and to have been a part of this year with you both. 🙂

  7. This list keeps growing, btw.

  8. Unspeakable loss has such a resonance. I hope 2007 affords you some wonderful times, and selfishly, I hope you write about them.

  9. Hey… chin up! I love your posts, your energy and your wit.

    Go ahead and do some reflecting… I’ll continue reeking havoc!

    Have a great 2007!

  10. Continue reeking, eh?

    You make it far too easy, John.

  11. Kris and I must be on the same page. Jorge your article was wonderful enough, and then Mrs. J’s comment sent me over the edge.

    You two are a wonderful team, and the incredible gain you will be celebrating early in the new year will only make you greater [and bigger]. The friends you have are luckier because of the friendships they have with you.

    Happy New Year to you and the fam!

  12. even more xoxo.

    happy new year, loves.

  13. QUOTE ‘There are those among us who never deal with the negative things that they have done (especially to others). These people coast through life wreaking havoc, never stopping to clean up the messes that they leave.’

    this part resonated so much for me I had to quote it back. I’m still cleaning up the havoc….I hadn’t realized til recently some of the damage done. Yet I’m looking forward to the next year, knowing I still have messes to sort through…hoping by this time next year they will be all behind me.

    I know it’s been a long time since I commented….no puter, no internet….no insipiration.

    I loved coming here and having a look at what you have posted, I think some of it could truly help to inspire me to return to my love of blogging….I’ll be back to see what else comes up.

    have a great one

    c u round!

  14. Hey J. Happy New Year to you. I have a motto that I stick to, and that motto is there is always room for improvement. If you can stick with that, then you are aware that you will have to not only continue to work hard to achieve your goals, it makes achieving them that much sweeter. You have a lot going on right now, and I worry bout you. I hope you are getting plenty of J time to relax 🙂

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