Best of Times to You and Yours

I won’t write a long entry.

Just a simple wish for you and for me.

From the bottom of my heart I hope that 2007 is one of the best years ever for everyone.

A picture of me in which I look
much less Rebo than last year.
Click to enlarge…

Have fun, everybody!

9 Responses

  1. happy new year 2007.

  2. Happy New Year

    I hope that you were smiling because of something and not posing for the camera!!!

  3. I was smiling because I thinking about posing for the camera.

    I happened to take the picture when I was thinking.

  4. Awesome! That is the anti-Rebo. Way to show those choppers.

  5. Hey. Yeah, Miss Potter looks good. I LOVE Ewan McGregor. And Renee is okay.

    Good luck with the movie marathon. I’ve only seen a few of those movies, such as The Big Lebowski, On the Waterfront and I Heart Huckabees. All good though, so hopefully the others are, too!

    I am on some serious period film kick. I cannot get enough!!! I want to go home, pop in a DVD and just veg out. But alas, I forget I have a demanding family and a fiance to spend time with. =)

    Hope your new year kicks butt, too! =)

  6. Love the photo—now if I could only work out REBO…


    (Yes, I did just yell that.)

  8. Happy New Year’s, hope it’s a good one.

  9. Oh my Goodness Jorge, you’re actually kinda cute!!!
    Hoping you and yours (and those soon to be) do wonderfully well this year!

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