The Boy Scout Motto

Be Prepared

Having children seems to be a very complicated thing.

Back in the days of the cave-people, I suspect that Oog and Aag had to go out into the forest to make sure they had enough palm fronds and rocks to use as diapers and toys for their hairy bundle of nerves with a prominent brow.

And so here we, in modern times, must do the same thing, albeit more so.

Cloth diapers or disposable? Change table? Light saber or blaster?

So many decisions.

So, being the forward-thinking guy that I am, I started a list of stuff that we will need so that I don’t forget anything.

Things like…

  • Crib
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • A steady stream of WhyNattes
  • Diapers
  • Receiving Blankets*
  • Sleepers
  • Baby poncho, sunglasses and cowboy hat

I’m not going to write the whole thing here, as it would take too long and most likely overload the internets.

So, good people (especially parents), I need some advice.

What would you put on the list?

Go bananas…

* – Is it just me, or does this sound like something for a football player.

29 Responses

  1. spit up clothes for brupping , soft gentle cream for the bum if a rash should appear. Let’s se now … ear plugs for the person who gets lucky and is given premission to sleep the whole night through (lol) . lots of sleepers and bibs a blankie or stuffed toy( that is safe) so if the baby decideds to become attached to anything it will not be a soother. Soft music for bedtime . bright coloured toys or objects (red is great) so baby can see and follow for the first few weeks … more Diapers and wetnapies or small face clothes … should I go on …
    What the parent needs extra love for both of you, a blankie for the cool night’s feeding time( and securtiy 🙂 ) .A pillow to rest ones arm on while feeding your little one, kleenex for tears of joy and not so joy, breast pads if breatfeeding and a plastic cover over the matress for the same reason . Beautiful nigth gowns or PJ’s . a rocking chair is nive too. But most of all that is needed by the family will be love , hope and patience…
    my best to you …

  2. Wet naps, diapers, extra bottles, diapers, a camera to record everything, and diapers.

  3. wow…I am so out of the loop…you’re having a baby?

    Alrighty, I’m going to tell you what I tell every expecting parent. All a new baby really needs is boobs, diapers, and comfortable clothing/sleepers. All that other crap is for the parents 🙂

    Seriously, keep it simple and don’t go overboard spending lots of $$$. You may not even use half of the stuff you buy ahead of time.

    And congratulations!

  4. Totally overthinking this.

  5. I reckon that Whynattes are all a man needs these days to raise a good child.

  6. Since it will be warm weather when booboo arrives (yes?), skimp on the teensy clothes. Baby clothes are for adult enjoyment. You know the other day I saw cargo-pocket pants an a two-month-old. Why? What does he need to put in his pockets? Babies don’t need pockets. And in the summer they don’t even need clothes. They need diapers and sunscreen and a hat.

    Then a car seat, a crib, light blankets, no pillow, and boobies every two to three hours.

    And a videocamera to document it all!

  7. The only essentials: lots of diapers, lots of blankets (you can never have too many, because they will get soiled at an astonishing rate [spit-up, poop, pee, etc.] and you don’t want to have to wash them every day), and tons of love.

    OH!! Also, one of those vibrating chairs! They are a lifesaver – they’re like a magic cry-stopper.

    But the love is most important of all. And that you and Mrs. J will have no problem providing.

  8. I don’t know very much about babies, but I suspect that disposable diapers are the way to go. Apparently my mother has tried both. Cloth for me and disposable for my brother. I was the first child so she was very idealistic when she had me and really wanted to be environmentally friendly. But towards the end reality sunk in, and who really wants to have to wash mounds of dirty baby diapers?

    I’d also go with with the saber over the blaster, but that’s just be 😉

  9. I forgot one thing trust your own instincts as to what is needed as you get to know your child . Many offers of advice will come, listen and take from it what you feel is true in your heart . Otherwise an empty plastic water jug is a great play toy later on.You don’t need expensive clothes , sleepers at home are great and light clothing if baby sweats alot. Oh and if the rash on a bum is bad remove diapers for a few days and air out that little bum . and love , love , love ….
    🙂 you will be a great parent, believe in yourself ….:)

  10. Ummm…I have a more practical suggestion: How about a will, if you haven’t done one already? That is probably one of the first thing I’d do.

    I also heard that it’s too to have lots and lots of little clothes for throwing over your shoulders, for when your baby pukes all over you after a meal. 😛

    Oh…and how about getting something for Mrs. J to make things easier on her. I don’t have any kids myself but every single one of my girlfriend tells me they feel totally braindead while they are on mat leave. So while you are shopping for the baby, maybe you can prepare something for Mrs. J, like stock up on books, movies, music…something that can help stimulate the mind. I know mothers don’t have a lot of time or extra hands for doing stuff for herself, but I think it is nice to have the option when she does get bored and needs a little entertainment. If she likes putting together puzzles, that’d be something great to have around the house.

  11. Make sure you remember that the baby is going to grow and you think beyond the newborn realm. It will be helpful to get some larger size clothing & maybe a few other items so that you are well stocked.

  12. Great comments here already, but I would add

    A relative or friend with an older child for hand me downs will save your life. Also get a ear thermometer, and some sort of teething ring. Otherwise diapers and wetnaps are all you need other than the love and comfort you both could supply.

  13. Thanks for coming out Adrian. Such useful advise for the two of us who haven’t had kids or spent a lot of time with kids. Really appreciate your help and support.

    To everybody else (specially bubblybunny who’s thinking of me!)(and Jesse who’s thinking of Jorge), thank you so much for your help. There’s so much “stuff” being sold now, it’s tough to know what is “practical/useful” and what is just “marketing crap”. We can use all of the help and advise we can get! So we appreciate your help and guidance.

  14. I was going to be jokey and suggest something dumb, but Mrs. Jorge scares the bejezus outta me.

  15. Your right Dave

    Mrs J already has great Mom potential

  16. Dave, you know I love you. And I don’t think you could say much to offend me. God knows I love how you have a simlar sense of humour as Jorge so that he has somebody to share it with. 🙂 I don’t mind humour when it’s given with love. Sweet, sweet love.


    So don’t run away and hide Mr. Thinks-he’s-a-Chiropractor…It’s safe.

  17. Telling you guys to try and relax and go with the flow is the best advice that I can think of.

  18. “Thanks for coming out Adrian. Such useful advise for the two of us who haven’t had kids or spent a lot of time with kids. Really appreciate your help and support.”

    Henceforth, I shall keep my experience and advice to myself.

  19. Adrian – What advice? – I think that was the whole point…

  20. Someone with more experience than us in something telling us that we’re overthinking it is not advice?

    I am sure Jorge and Mrs J will do well without any input from me – obviously so, in fact. I’ll keep it to myself from now on.

  21. I wont discuss any more in Jorge’s blog Adrian but you are free to come to my blog to further discuss how your comments (in my opinion) are lacking

  22. oh come on, chill out yourself!

    We need everything all lined up – now now now! That’s just a recipe for stress. Encouraging it without a seconds thought to blood pressure? Gets almost irresponsible. A breath of fresh air with a hint to sit back, relax, let things happen? Seeing that as a basis for abuse is really scraping the barrel.

  23. Mr and Mrs J

    I applaud you both for having the confidence in asking your friends about what you will need for your incredible journey you are about to embark on. Just shows that you have the intelligence to know that asking a wide majority of people will make your decisions that much easier.

    Anyone who is currently a parent and trivialises this search clearly has forgotten how it was to be a new parent.

    You will not hear any more from me on this Mr J and apologise for precipitating this further

  24. My list?
    Definitely the saber blaster.
    2.Breast Pads (for those days when you just leak, and leak.. whether you breastfeed or not).
    3.Rum (Jamacian if you can get it)
    4.A nanny
    5. Oh yeah, and Onesies. You live and die by those.. they make life so much easier.

  25. I agree with Callis2006 (sorry, don’t actually know your name). It pays to ask around.

    We found that the baby really determines what it needs/wants and doesn’t. Travis hated his bouncy seat and swing. Most kids, as I understand it, love them. For us, it turned out to be wasted money, for others a godsend. We are hoping #2 will get some use out of them.

    Whether you breastfeed or not, bottles, bottle warmer, and bottle sterilizer. You don’t have to have the bottle warmer or sterilizer but it sure makes life a lot easier! A bathtub for when they outgrow the sink but aren’t ready for the full tub. If you breastfeed, a breast pump. Okay, this one is totally a luxury and not at all a must have but I LOVE it and so does Travis. A wipe warmer. Think about it, would you prefer to have your nether regions wiped with something cold or something warm? Oh, and a diaper bag.

    The most important thing, a great sense of humor! There are many times, especially in the first couple of weeks, that all you can do it laugh.

  26. Yard sales are a great place to get items that someone else has bought and their children have out grown them. This won’t help you much right now but in the summer you may find a few toys and baby stuff at much reduced costs.

  27. Sometimes I am sooooo dense. A baby monitor. Mine was sitting right between me and the monitor the whole time!

  28. I found a really good website if you are interested

  29. Thanks Callis, as well as everyone for all of your various points of view.

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