Da, Tovarisch


Dave sent out a link to our local e-mail group talking about how J.J. Abrams will be directing an adaptation of The Dark Tower in the near future…

Jorge: Think about it. Sam Elliot as Roland.
Dave: I don’t know, mano. I think the actor would have to be someone unknown.
J: Come on*. Sam Elliot.
D: Um…No.
J: Well, in either case, Sam is in Ghost Rider which comes out this weekend.
D: Oh yeah! Hmmmm….
J: I think Sam might be the original Gorst** Rider. It’s in the trailer. He’s on horseback.
D: Gorst Rider, eh?
J: Sorry, I meant Borscht Rider.
D: Hahaha.
J: [With Russian Accent.] Loook at mi. I am a big Russian man ridingk around on a donkey geevingk out fud!
D: Do you have any powers? No?
J: [Still with the Russian Accent.] No. I hef no powers. But I hef a bakhpakh weeth an unlimitet supplye ov beets and sour cream.
D: Bloggit***.

* – See this for a deeper look into this convincing style of debate.
** – I made a boo boo when talking.
*** – No people from Russia were hurt during the making of this blog article. In actual fact, I studied Russian in university, and have always liked the language.