Da, Tovarisch


Dave sent out a link to our local e-mail group talking about how J.J. Abrams will be directing an adaptation of The Dark Tower in the near future…

Jorge: Think about it. Sam Elliot as Roland.
Dave: I don’t know, mano. I think the actor would have to be someone unknown.
J: Come on*. Sam Elliot.
D: Um…No.
J: Well, in either case, Sam is in Ghost Rider which comes out this weekend.
D: Oh yeah! Hmmmm….
J: I think Sam might be the original Gorst** Rider. It’s in the trailer. He’s on horseback.
D: Gorst Rider, eh?
J: Sorry, I meant Borscht Rider.
D: Hahaha.
J: [With Russian Accent.] Loook at mi. I am a big Russian man ridingk around on a donkey geevingk out fud!
D: Do you have any powers? No?
J: [Still with the Russian Accent.] No. I hef no powers. But I hef a bakhpakh weeth an unlimitet supplye ov beets and sour cream.
D: Bloggit***.

* – See this for a deeper look into this convincing style of debate.
** – I made a boo boo when talking.
*** – No people from Russia were hurt during the making of this blog article. In actual fact, I studied Russian in university, and have always liked the language.

4 Responses

  1. Haha. You two are crazy. If I could just sit in on a fraction of your conversations, I think I’d lose ten pounds from laughing.

    Hope all is well!

  2. I didn’t realised I did this, but apparently I try to finish other people’s sentences.

    I read your last sentence to finish with “I studied Russia in university, and have always like the tongue.”


    You two a freakin’ hilarious.

  3. I am pretty sure your guess about Sam being the original (or at least the western era) Ghost Rider (or The Phantom Rider) is correct.

    The movie is of course very confusing to me. The Penance Stare and Chain were weapons of the Dan Ketch/Ghost Rider character. I think the Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider character really only ‘projected’ hellfire at his foes (a ability JB managed to use through his shotgun when the Midnight Sons were formed).

    In conclusion … F Nick Cage, long live Zarathos!

  4. It’s weird. Reading Wikipedia has revealed that at some point Johnny Blaze ends up getting the Pennance Stare and his own chain.

    He must have paid his membership dues or something.

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