Say What?

Double Take

I love misheard lyrics.

Always an endless source of entertainment, it always makes me smile when I hear someone singing a strange version of a song that I know well.

I also find it funny when I do this myself, finding out later that I was an embarassment to musicians everywhere.

One of my all-time favourite misheard lyrics is…

Excuse me, while I kiss this guy…

This is, of course, from the song Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. The original line is…

Excuse me, while I kiss the sky…

Double Take Two

I don’t listen to the radio very often, so I’m not really up on what’s hip.

I heard a song recently by the Pussycat Dolls on the radio where I thought I heard…

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was raw like meat…

I laughed and laughed.

What sorts of misheard lyrics have you been guilty of singing?

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  1. Well, I’m sure you’re familiar with then.

    I’m sure I’ve misheard some in very funny ways, but can’t think of any at the moment. I do know that I have a very hard time understanding a lot of lyrics when I hear them … I often have to listen very closely. I didn’t understand half of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” until I heard the Tori Amos cover version.

    Oh, I know one: I first heard the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in a mall or something, and all I could think of was Jasper from the Simpsons going “who with the what now?” I knew I had to be wrong, but I tell ya, once that’s stuck in your head it’s hard to shake.

  2. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I know I’ve butchered a few lyrics. Maybe a few dozen. Maybe a whole lot, because most of the time I’m not paying very close attention.

    Raw like meat?

  3. I know someone who thought that “I ain’t no hollaback girl” was “I ain’t no Harlem black girl.”

    And Dave, what did you think “Baby I love your way” was?

  4. Well, I certainly would never be guilty of such a thing, but my ex-sil was from Sweden, so did this stuff all the time. The funniest was her rendition of “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” She never got that it was supposed to rhyme.

    Hop on the bus, Jack
    You don’t need to be corduroy

  5. Example #1:

    Italian guy in my lab singing “rowing! rowing! rowing on the rainbow…” instead of “rolling on the river” to CCR’s Proud Mary. Ah, the entertainment provided by european friends!

  6. My favourite was overhearing a friend rocking out to Hot Chocolate, “I Believe in Miracles”. Except everytime the chorus came around, he would belt out “I BELIEVE IN INTERCOURSE!”.

    Hee hee hee.

  7. Haha…I’m definitely one of those people you are joking about. I speak and listen to English perfectly well and I have an amazing memory for recalling detailed spoken conversations. I even play a couple of musical instruments myself. But for whatever reasons, lyrics and I just don’t click. I can catch 1/2 of the lyrics in a song at most. When I saw along, I’ll just make up whatever phonetical sounds that I think I’ve heard where most of the time, those sounds don’t even make up real words. My husband laugh at me all the time b/c I’d be happily bobbing along to the a catchy tune while being completely oblivious to what the song is saying (usually something naughty :P). And when he says the lyrics out to me in plain English, I’d blush and I turn into the joke of his day.

  8. Alanis Morrissette’s ‘Ironic’ gets me, every time, right at the end.

    “And you’re a really good cook” is what I think she says, when really, it’s “And, yeah, I really do think.”

    There are a BUNCH of classic rock songs that get me. Like The Boss’ “Blinded by the light”. But that song may have gotten everyone. What do I say when I sing it?

    “Blinded by the light, struck up like a deuce anothe boner in the night.”

    I KNOW. Not even close.

    But, raw meat? Hehehehehe. You funny.

  9. A friend and I used to carpool, and we used to discuss lyrics. Sometimes heatedly.

    One of the lines I messed up was from Escape by Enrique Iglesias.

    I always heard…

    You can run, you can die, but you can’t escape my love.

    Why knew that Enrique was a necrophiliac?

  10. Oh this is before your time…

    ” Blinded by the light” by the Electric Light Orchestra..

    The line goes:
    “Blinded by the light, cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night.”

    For years, and I did not know why I and many other thought it was
    Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a (explicit:Woman’s Higene produce, sounds like deuce) in the middle of the night”

    Now that was embarrasing…

  11. Sorry that was Manfred Mann, not ELO

  12. ha! I totally thought of “blinded by the light”

  13. My fave is “Message in the bottle” by the Police:

    “A year has passed since I broke my nose”…

    It’s my constant giggle when played 🙂

    Take care honey,


  14. Manfred Mann – Blinded By the Light – I *always* think the second line says “wrapped up like a douche” – whyyyyyyyyy?! The bad thing is, my s/o didn’t know what the real words were either, so now we both sing “wrapped up like a douche”. I just shared with him what the real words are – revved up like a deuce – (I had to look it up, I honestly didn’t know), and we both just giggled. I think we’ll stick with the douche version.

  15. Hilarious and lovely, LOL

  16. Well, can anyone tell me what the heck Anthony from Red Hot Chili Peppers is saying in “Scar tissue”?

    I have it up to:

    Scar tissue that I wish you saw
    Sarcastic mister know it all
    Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you ’cause

    With Blahblahblahblahblah…. is a lonely view

    I have no idea!!!

  17. Man… I didn’t even get the lyrics right!

    The Deuce was indeed “cut loose” into the night.

  18. Klely, I had to look that one up,,,,

  19. what’s going on with your blog Mr J.

    I thought I was in the wrong place there for a while

  20. Anonymous????

    It was Callis

  21. Wen:

    Scar tissue that I wish you saw
    Sarcastic mister know it all
    Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you ’cause
    With the birds I’ll share
    With the birds I’ll share
    This lonely view
    With the birds I’ll share
    This lonely view

    Yeah. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

  22. i had a friend who thought ben folds five’s “brick” refrain was “she’s a victim of driving slowly,” (real words: “she’s a brick and i’m drowning slowly”)

    and there was this old rap song, “Mr. Wendal,” and i remember someone thought the words were “mr. window”

  23. My favorite. I knew someone in high school who thought that
    “bushy bushy blonde hairdo, surfin’ USA”
    “gushy gushy bananoo, surfin’ USA”

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