McFiggy Do

Big Night

A great time was had last night.

Some friends of ours threw us a baby shower for Baby McFiggy last night.

Due to the challenge of finding a suitable venue, we asked them to throw it at our place, which allowed our friends to come see our house.

So, not only was it an awesome party, but it also served as a stress test for our place, to see if it could deal with a relatively large crowd.

And a large crowd it was. The rooms and hallways were full of friends.


I wanted to do a general thank you here to everyone who came. Your presence and presents were very much appreciated.

Raising a baby is challenge enough. Your generous gifts will make it easier to take care of our little one.

I also wanted to thank our friends who threw the shower. They worked really hard to make everything go smoothly. Several other of our friends also helped with food and drinks.

We are truly blessed.

I can’t wait for you all to meet Baby McFiggy!

6 Responses

  1. It’s not just nice and life-changing to have a baby, it brings out the best in yor friends too. Looking forward to more news about B McF

  2. Your fabulous house rocks!

    We can’t wait to meet Babby McFiggy either!!!!

  3. I just can’t thank people enough for their generosity. It really astounds me. We are incredibly lucky to be so loved.

    I want to send out an extra special thank you to our friends who made the whole evening stress-free for me by taking care of the guests/food/drinks/coats/shoes/dishes….and the list goes on! I actually got a chance to enjoy myself rather than worry about….well, everything. Thanks, ladies!!!

  4. congrats! Now you have *loads* of things to play with.



  5. I don’t think I’ve felt this shitty in a really long time but YOU’RE HAVING A BABY?!?!

    And I will publicly admit that I’m the last person to find this out and I will also publicly admit how embarrassed I am to be just finding this out now. So an enormous mea culpa from me and congratulations!

    (I’m off to go die now)

  6. Mrs Callis is not a blogger but I wanted to tell you guys that she enjoyed your party very much.

    I had some quality time with my little girl and I thank you guys for understanding that.

    I love being a parent very much and I know you will too

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