Deaths: 4 Weddings: 2


With the passing of a dear family friend last month, as well as general all-around-being-busy, I have been pretty bad at keeping this blog up.

With a new set of goals and some excitement about completing them, I figured I would do a great update tonight.

Unfortunately, this happened.

God Wanted His Voice Back

I don’t profess to know Don to any great extent. We had e-mail exchanges from time to time, which was pretty incredible considering how insanely busy he was.

I was struck by his willingness to help. He made several trailer voiceovers for me (evidenced here and here) and charged me nothing. I sent him a photograph of an Algonquin Park (this one), but I’m pretty sure I got the better deal.

On top of that, he did a birth announcement for Little J.

So Yeah…

…I probably won’t do that update today.

It’s amazing how you can miss someone you never physically met, isn’t it?

Rest easy, Mr. LaFontaine.

3 Responses

  1. I thought of you when I heard today that he had died. Little J’s birth announcement rocked!

  2. Sorry to hear about yet another loss, Jorge.

  3. I understand that totally; one of my real yet cyberfriends has been blogging about the struggle he’s having with cancer. It makes me cry.

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