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  1. YAY!!!! Have an awesome time!!! Linette

  2. Hi Ya Jorge I just wanted you to know that I featured you in The Rose Garden on this post, so hope folks drop by for a visit! Have a Great Weekend

  3. Wooo hooo! Enjoy yourself.

  4. Lucky man! Enjoy the beauty of a weekend spent in the great outdoors!

  5. thanks for visiting my site. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. hmmm… i hope some of u guys have some experience with camping…. but have fun!!! and let all the bugs bite christian instead… muahahahha. (that’s what he gets for not visiting blogs enough!)

  7. wohooo! fun fun fun..hav lots of fun

  8. Hey! You’ve left a comment on my space a few weeks ago and I’ve decided to come back to check yours out again. Great space, by the way! Your photography site is awesome!! I hope you get some real nice pictures this wkd while camping!! ~Totoro

  9. Have fun dude. I’m envious. I hope the weather is good for ya. Love & Light Michael

  10. i saw ur comment on that one actors site (thats a tad bit vague) and i thought it was funny. The whole thing about the stolen tricycle etc. Anyways I see that you are interested in photography, I never really developed an interest for the art. This is most likely due to the hipsters that hung around the darkroom and tried to artsy. For a loser to enter the darkroom, is like a crypt crossing onto the turf of a blood. (major gangs, i see ur canadian, so I don’t know if your familiar with them)

  11. Hi Ya Jorge Hope you had a terrific weekend ! Now get some rest so your ready for Monday:):) Cheers Barb

  12. Oh… I’m jealous. I want to go camping! You have a good time. And have some extra fun for me. Bring back pictures.

  13. Looking forward to some good campin’ stories. The Laurentians were a little damp for our trip to say the least. Hope you had a nice time. Cheers ~ian

  14. Dude, can I say that you are the only person I know who says “I won’t be updating this weekend,” and then gets 16 comments.

  15. You can, and did, say that.

  16. boy you sure do camp a lot. don’t forget the wienies. p

  17. Sounds like you guys had a good time. Although I must say, Christian is acting all weird now that he has come back from camping…what did you do to him LOL?

  18. He was always that way. You just noticed because he was gone for a couple of days, is all.

  19. You still camping? Or maybe coming up with more of your clever entries?

  20. o jorge u are being missed..hmmm hope u had a great time

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