Hai-Kuul – June 15, 2005

Sideways (Requested by Christine)
An age-old story
Wino and womanizer
A bachelor’s trip

Roxie (Requested by Christine)
One of Christine’s cats
She has two of those felines
The other one’s Max

Toe Ring (Requested by Christine)
Wouldn’t it be odd
If Hercules’ power ring
Wasn’t for fingers?

Obsession With the Little White Envelope (Requested by Christine)
In the status bar
This insidious bastard
Shouts out check your mail!

Office Linebacker (Requested by Christine)
Terrible Terry
Cleaning up the workplace with
Extreme prejudice

Speaker Phone Sux (Requested by Christine)
Nothing is worse than
Having your own privacy
So violated

Don’t Talk to Me (Requested by princess_castle)
I can’t believe you
Why say that out in public?
You’re in the dog house

The Biiiggg…Bang (Requested by princess_castle)
Is it chemical?
Or is it mechanical?
Innuendo rules!

U Drive Me Nuts (Requested by princess_castle)
Squirrels everywhere
Patiently wait for this guy
Delivery man

Awww…I Am So Sorry (Requested by princess_castle)
Where’s your sandcastle?
And why is the beach higher
Where I am standing?

Dandelions (Requested by Drea)
Yellow and vibrant
Mysteriously turns to
Ethereal white

Wobbly Knees (Requested by Drea)
I can barely stand
Why did I drop the soap, now?
I so hate prison

From the Cradle (Requested by Drea)
Music is my life
As a babe I would cry notes
Sing myself to sleep

Capricorn (Requested by Drea)
Good side: Practical
Bad side: Miserly, grudging
Looks like: A tough goat

Starlight (Requested by Drea)
Beaming from heaven
Serves to inspire some of us
To close eyes and wish

Drea already requested Nottingham in a previous entry. There is no need to repeat it.

Aurora (Requested by Drea)
Treasure of the sky
Ever changing and endless
Like rainbow angels

Darlin’ (Requested by Drea)
My one and only
This nickname for you is cute
And mildly rural

Tom Sawyer (Requested by Drea)
A story of youth
Mark Twain himself calls this tale
A hymn to boyhood

Dawn (Requested by Drea)
You don’t need a lot
Why, even a single drop
Can wash all these plates!

Sunny Side Up (Requested by Drea)
A yellow circle
Liquid yolk contained within
Go ahead. Dig in!

Mercy Me (Requested by Drea)
One of the best songs
Nostalgic and touches you
Marvin Gaye’s finest

Scented Candles (Requested by Drea)
A great idea
For those who live in houses
With stinky bathrooms

Kodak (Requested by Drea)
Capture emotion
Preserve all your memories
With silver halide

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4 Responses

  1. I hope you have an exceptional weekend dah-ling. Man I want to go camping!

  2. Wanna come with? 🙂

  3. Gee Wiz Jorge don’t know how ya keep up with it all … as you may or may not have noticed I am WAY behind on visits… Stayed up right thru the night to get a blog posted and visit:):)P Have A Great Day yoou poet you:) Hugs Barb

  4. Lol- wobbly knees was just priceless! PRICELESS! I hope you’re doing well Jorge! -Theresa

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