What’s the Art of Camping Updated With Shouts?

What’s In a Name Again?

I believe I mentioned how not to pronounce my name in a previous entry. Said entry also has a guide on the acceptable way to pronounce my name. Clara, I hope this helps you. Why it is pronounced “George” is due to what my parents called me.

The Art of Balance

The way things have been lately, this blog might as well be called Hai-Kuul Space or something along those lines. I have been under a constant barrage of requests since the contests started a little while ago.

Indeed, the curve that represents the requests versus time is so steep that I wondered at some points if it was going to curl back upon itself and cause some sort of webspace anomaly, but as of yet this has not occurred.

Now this is not to say that I don’t like these requests. I do enjoy them, and those of you who put lots of work into thinking up the requests should be happy to know this.

However, as stated in a previous entry, all the haiku leave less time for other things (like the Fig-tionary, and the everyday life of me which is very interesting, really).

I suppose the key to doing this is all about balance. This is something I am still learning on the blogopshere (whatever the hell that means).

In all honesty, I can probably churn out about a hundred haiku an hour if the mood takes me. As impressive as this may sound, it leaves little time for anything else during my lunch break, or the time at night after I finish playing online games with friends or checking my e-mail.

When blogging becomes too much work, then something is wrong.

And so I am going to throttle down a little, and answer a fixed number per day. Not only will this give me some breathing room, but it will also allow me to not have to worry about printing up prizes for the nth request practically every week. Oh, there will still be contests, but we must all be patient.

Camping Trip

This weekend will be an interesting one. I am going camping with a group of my friends from K-rot. It should be a great experience.

A variety of folks are going with different ways of thinking and attitude, but it should be a good time.

I’m looking forward to shooting some more sunrises and sunsets, and also taking some photographs for a friend’s kobudo package.

Photography Update

I will be doing a show at Salvador Darling in July. It should be great. I will be teaming up with my buddy Mark Furman for this venture.

The theme has not been determined yet, but rest assured that we will dazzle you with our work. Or at least you can have some free munchies during the open house.

Shout Outs

Shout outs to Courtney and her clan for graduating and rising from the status as students to the much more glorious title of unemployed. Shout outs to Mugen for the same thing.

Also a tip of the hat to T&M Rhee who tied the knot this weekend. M is a triple threat this year, gaining her PhD, Goju Black Belt, and a Korean man-servant all within the space of half a year. Way to go!

6 Responses

  1. Good Wednesday to you Jorge… Well, I have to say I missed the entry about your name. I have to say…I would have been one of those people who grossly butchered your name. *hangs head in shame* I hope that you do take some time to chill the hell out! We all need that. Relax. Be Happy. 😀 Enjoy your day!!! Linette

  2. I think, in place of Hai-Kuul, you should promise to produce sexual favours. And then your readers will write in requesting a sexual favour which you’ll have to perform. Let’s see you do 100 of those in an hour, Captain Speed.

  3. It’s always about sex with you, isn’t it, Wondrous Reverse-Apache-Chief-Penis Man!

  4. holy buckets. ok.
    a) is for amen, bro RE: a name misspoken. i am rather protective of my own. no, it isn’t patricia. and it isn’t patreesha. and for the love of god, stop calling me pat.
    b) i wondered when you were going to peter out (that phrase makes me giggle) of the haiku. put up your feet and relax a while.
    c) camping: don’t forget the toilet paper. nobody likes a poopy leaf (although, i suppose it’s less about the leaf and more about the “poopy”). d) and congrats on another show coming up!


  5. For the record, it’s not that I am tired of doing Hai-Kuul. It’s that the thought that goes into writing them far outweighs the thought that goes into requesting them. 🙂 One day, I suspect there will be a HUGE number of requests, in which case there will physically not be enough amount of time in the day to finish them. This is not due to any inability on my part. Reality is the culprit here.

  6. Thanks for the shout out. I hope you have fun on your camping weekend. Hope you don’t get eaten alive by the mosquitoes.

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