Hai-Kuul Breaks It Up!

Breaking It Up

I just wanted to apologize for the double Blog Tome posts. I needed to split up the Blog Tome because it is huge, and apparently MSN Spaces has an article size limit. Hence the split.

I’ve also removed my list of links from the side, as it has now been replaced by the Tome.

Hai-Kuul is Cool!

I am wondering if it is worth it to do something for the 100th Hai-Kuul. I’ve already written quite a number of the little buggers, so it just seems fitting to celebrate a milestone. Does anyone have any ideas? Leave me a comment. If you want to donate prizes, that’s good too.

So far all I can promise you is a Hai-Kuul written in your honour.

Trepidation 101

101 Things About Me? No Thanks

First of all, I want to say to the folks who filled this list out that it is great that you have done so. I just don’t personally hold to the idea of doing this kind of thing myself.

I have a very odd sense of duty when it comes to certain quizzes. The ones I tend to fill out usually involve something that I am interested in. The quiz logic itself is also interesting to me, so I will usually log my initial response for the record, and then tinker with various answers to see what I get. Quizzes I am referring to are things like which Lord of the Rings character are you? or which colour are you? and the ever popular you’d better fill this out or we will poison you slowly with arsenic and you’ll never live to see 35. I hate that one.

I will fill out the occasional quiz involving various questions about who I am, what I think, etc.

For example…

  1. What is your favourite colour? Blue
  2. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Tea
  3. Would you rather be a forest or a mountain? A Forest
  4. Chocolate or Vanilla? Mix ’em together!

Some of the questions can get personal, so I tend to use humour to throw people off track. After all, there are some things that I don’t want people to know. That’s for me and my wife, and possibly Dave to know.

However, this state 101 things about yourself quiz doesn’t suit me. Not at all.

Honestly, I like the journey of discovering someone through their writing. Not everyone posts everything about themselves, and this makes it more challenging to get to know them. I find that in the end, after all the effort, it’s worth it. And even if we don’t become friends, it was still good reading.

Similarly, I would like people to form their own opinions about me based on what they can see here. If I were to fill out the 101, I would do it out of spite.


  1. My name is Jorge
  2. I live in Canada
  3. I like my name.
  4. I like Canada
  5. I eat cookies.
  6. I like cookies.
  7. I think cookies are awesome

And so on and so forth. I would hit 101 and you’d know maybe a few new things about me, and be really annoyed. Again, I think it’s a great idea for some people, but not for others. Maybe I’m just shy. Or maybe I’m a snob?

I think that people should work to get to know other people, to make it more meaningful.

I used the same rationale when I came up with the Blog Tome. I don’t just want to list people anymore. I want visitors to know why I am linking to them. It’s a more work-intensive list, but at least people will know why these links matter to me.

ATWG, I hope, if you read this, that you don’t misinterpret it. I think that you’ve done a great thing with your list. It’s just not for me.


My photography show is looming. I have to go to the venue tomorrow afternoon and set up my photos for the month of May. This will be the first show in which I will actually have to hang my photographs myself.

It’s odd how I’ve never given much thought to hanging any picture before. In the house, it’s to make the wall look less empty. To give some colour to a room.

This exhibition is not about making the wall look less empty (although that is a side effect of covering it with photographs). It’s about making a statement about myself and what I believe.

I admit to being a bit nervous (as this is really only my second exhibition – and what an exhibition!), but I think enough friends are going to visit me on the reception night to make me feel a bit more comfortable about it all.

General details are on my web page, and the specifics are on the Contact page.

If you are in the Junction neighbourhood (Dundas St W & Keele St) and feel like stopping by, feel free! If I don’t know you personally yet, it would be a great way to meet face to face. Plus I’ll have free munchies available.

Gotta go for the free munchies!

Searching For Adventure

More Entertaining Search Results

Here are some more things people typed that led them to my page from a search engine:

  • shellie
  • goad
  • island of zanzibar
  • crazy definitions
  • barking space

I’d best be careful. If I keep checking these and writing them here it might become a new feature!

The Amazing Adventures of McLean and Figueiredo

Dave and I have known each other since high school. We met during our high school play (Bye Bye Birdie) and would take the late bus home together after rehearsals. We bonded due to our similar sense of humour and our love of Lloyd Bridges.

We kept in touch with each other over the years, and have always been there for each other as good friends should be. Dave and I eventually worked across the street from each other in downtown Toronto, and would go for Chai Latté once a week.

Dave has since moved to Ottawa, and I miss the big lug. Once or twice a week we will play Jedi Academy, and we chat on the phone once in a while (usually while soaking in the tub). At any given time, if you mention his name, a dozen stories will pop into my head. I will relate some of them now…

The Rafting Adventure

You already know that Dave helped me out when I was in a pickle (or was that helped me out with my pickle?). The day after the barfy night, we all boarded the raft that would carry us on our first of many rafting adventures on the Ottawa river. The first series of rapids is known as McCoy’s Chute (by the Wilderness Tours Adventure Company, anyway). It’s relatively mild, but once every couple of minutes someone will get rocked by this sucker. We had spent a little while watching several rafts go through, and it didn’t look so bad. So when we hit the Chute, we never expected to be hit as hard as we were. The raft almost folded. Everyone in the front got thrown back (Dave got essentially catapulted, and slid all the way back and off the boat. The movie footage is hilarious).

Dave wore tearaway pants and running shoes. The poor guy’s pants ballooned up with water, dragging him down the river like so much flotsam. He was eventually picked up by a kayak rescue guy (Come here often?) and dreaded the next rapids. He wanted to go home, and no one can blame him.

However, he never went home. Instead he had a great time for the rest of the trip. So much fun that we ended up going twice more after that.

The Early Departure to Sleepyland

Dave is younger than I am. Dave used to throw kickass parties (He still does).

Thus, when I was at his parties, I would invariably be one of the older guys there.

Dave threw a big party once when I was in first year university. He and quite a number of folks there had not gone to university yet, so I was relating a lot of my experiences about it to them. A lot of them were not so much afraid of University as apprehensive. They didn’t know what to expect.

Dave was mixing drinks that night. I had Black Russians, White Russians, and Evil White Russians. Another one of his friends was mixing Caesars, and of course, there was beer. I drank other things that night, but suffice to say I was a little tipsy.

Indeed, I was right hammered. Remembering conversations from earlier in the evening, I decided to calm everyone’s fears about university by making a speech about how you weren’t just a number in university and how it’s not so bad and blah blah blah. I thought that everyone was hanging on my slurred words. I don’t see how they had a choice, as I was speaking at the top of my lungs.

I finished up my dialogue and then went to bed. At 23:30.

I have never lived this down.

More adventures to come…

Finding Funny Stories In Winter Takes Good Vision

How Did You Find Me?

Check out some of these searches that led to my site…

  • wealthy people pictures
  • jorge
  • barking dogs
  • toronto

These all make sense in a strange way. Maybe I should make a point to try and contain every word ever written to ensure I will always lead people here from the various search engines.

Winter Blahs and Good Vision

I have very good colour vision. I can discern many more colours than the average person (at least, I believe this). I wonder if this is why I tend to be more positive than most people during the winter months?

Think about it. If you tend to see many shades of grey, it’s almost like seeing colour! Something to think about, I guess.

Funny Stories

I can’t really write volumes all the time, so once in a while I will just write some funny stories about things that happened to me. These will invariably involve my friends, but they are not incriminating or rude. Well, maybe a little….

This one happened at our place during an atypical beer party (People bring beer that is not your standard fare, and then everyone tries everyone else’s beer). Reay was sitting on the sofa, and Dave was examining some pictures in a frame. The frame was one of those rotating frames. It was essentially a suspended double-sided 4×6 frame being held in place by an arm secured to the base of the frame. If one held it horizontally (as per the design) it would rotate when you prodded it. However, when Dave held it the wrong way…

[The glass from one side of the frame slides out and smashes to pieces on my chessboard. All is silent for a few moments until…]
Dave: Uh…Oops.
Reay: What do you live in? A Nerf house?

Reay was awarded the coveted Line of the Night Award.

Fig-tionary – April 25, 2005

custart (Requested by Zac)

  1. Function: noun – The conscious and creative use of skill and imagination in the production of aesthetic objects using custard – Usage: Zac created the world’s first piece of custart when he made too much custard and fashioned the excess into a large statue of Lobo.

*Remember, you can submit a request for a crazy definition for a typo by clicking here. You can read about the Fig-tionary here.