Shamelessly Reminiscing

Driving Down Memory Lane

Friday night I hung out with Shatton and Aggies. I arrived there in the evening, and we went to go pick up dinner from an Indian place on Kennedy Rd in B-dot. The drive to the restaurant was interesting, because we drove along a part of Kennedy that my parents used to take us to when we were kids.

Much to my surprise, the restaurant we went to pick up our food from is the same place that we used to eat at when I was younger, and living in Brampton.


The food is still good, too!

After this we watched various episodes of Adult Swim cartoons, and played Bomberman until the wee hours of the morning.  Aggies went home, and Shatton and I watched Freaks and Geeks.

It was great to spend time with someone as brown as I am.

Shameless Plug

If anyone lives in Toronto and has nothing to do on Thursday night (April 07), come on down to the St. Lawrence Market area. I will have a table there, and will be showing some of my work!

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