Sweating and Nerdism

TTC Strike Looms

And here I sit, sweating.

Wondering if the TTC will actually strike at midnight or not.

It couldn’t really happen at a worse time. I have a show tomorrow (see Toronto Dollar’s Web Page), and I will be bringing four framed prints with me, as well as a bunch of other stuff that would be inconveneint and possibly dangerous to carry on my back while I ride my bike which hasn’t been tuned up for over a year and a half.

It’s a long walk. Doable, but long.

What the Hell? *

I was somehow magically subscribed to a comic book newsletter, and what do I see but the return of Hal Jordan.

Somebody pinch me. Hard. On the eyes.

Why is Hal Jordan coming back? I decided to do a quick sweep of the WWW about anything related to the death of Green Lantern. What I found scared the crap out of me. After Hal Jordan’s character died in the DC Universe, there was an outcry of angry fans. There were website shrines erected. There were petitions sent. There was a mass obsession with the resurrection of a comic book character.


I’ve lost a lot of respect for most mainstream titles. They are continuously trying to figure out ways to appeal to the masses, and all the while they continuously butcher the continuity of really great stories.

I personally have no problem with characters like Superman having a nice solid origin, and growing older, suffering the loss of loved ones and the like, all for the sake of a great continuous storyline.

But this revolving door policy just makes me laugh.

* – This is a nerdy comic-book-based post, so the majority of you can ignore this. Haha. Too late.