Hai-Kuul – April 20, 2005

Blogo (Requested by mapleleafkideh)
There is a strange game
Played by MSN Bloggers
I don’t quite get it

Obsession (Requested by bbyGrrl)
A dangerous thing
Wanting something so badly
It’s beyond reason

Stalking (Requested by bbyGrrl)
Following Someone
Changing celery’s structure
Climbing to giants

Wanting (Requested by bbyGrrl)
See that object there?
I must have it for myself
I’ll pay any price

Wishing (Requested by bbyGrrl)
Wishing upon stars
Doesn’t really do that much
For a bad headache

Overweight Antelopes (Requested by Jay)
Lounging in the grass
Chewing on Vegetation
Not giving a damn

Pineapple Tidbits (Requested by Jay)
Handy for cooking
These beauties come in syrup
Not quite natural

The Number Nine (Requested by Jay)
Nestled betwixt eight
And ten. Stealing the spotlight
Nine is a damned tart

Inverted Eyelashes That Poke You In the Cornea (Requested by Jay)
Just walking along
Suddenly a flash of pain
Stupid Eyelashes!

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Fig-tionary – April 20, 2005

sok (Requested by Tien)

  1. Function: noun – A sharp resounding noise (as of a hard impact to the face). Comic book sound effect – Usage: Sok! Tien punched Jorge in the face!

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