Hai-Kuul – April 22, 2005

Beer (Requested by Zanzibar Island Native)
A wonderful drink
Thirst quenching and refreshing
Creates dumbasses

Nascar (Requested by Zanzibar Island Native)
Powerful engines
Some lightning-fast reflexes
Don’t forget the hicks

Cellphone (Requested by Zanzibar Island Native)
Quite a handy piece
Of modern technology
With stupid ringtones

Zanzibar Island Native insisted that he wasn’t a redneck. However, that just means I will write a redneck haiku in his honour.

Rednecks (Not requested by Zanzibar Island Native)
They live in the sticks
Hidden away from the world
Playing their banjos

Slot Machine (Requested by Free Falling)
Put in a quarter
Pull the handle, watch it go
Say ‘bye’ to your cash

Gamble (Requested by Free Falling)
You bet some money
To try to make more money
You will never win

HangMe (Requested by Free Falling)
A Free Falling game
Just like hangman but better
There are no prizes.

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