Hai-Kuul Breaks It Up!

Breaking It Up

I just wanted to apologize for the double Blog Tome posts. I needed to split up the Blog Tome because it is huge, and apparently MSN Spaces has an article size limit. Hence the split.

I’ve also removed my list of links from the side, as it has now been replaced by the Tome.

Hai-Kuul is Cool!

I am wondering if it is worth it to do something for the 100th Hai-Kuul. I’ve already written quite a number of the little buggers, so it just seems fitting to celebrate a milestone. Does anyone have any ideas? Leave me a comment. If you want to donate prizes, that’s good too.

So far all I can promise you is a Hai-Kuul written in your honour.

7 Responses

  1. If television is any indication, the 100th episode of anything is muy importante!

  2. No ideas… just praise.
    Love the hai-kuuls!

    Maybe you should have a hai kuul contest. Explain how to write em- pick a topic- and let people go nuts! The winner could have their hai kuul be the 100th!

    OK… that was an idea. They just come to me… it’s like I can’t turn it off.

  3. Dear Jorge: Take it easy man.

  4. hmm… i can’t come up with an idea better than the warrior princess (if i had a nickel for every time i said that). i think that’s a good one.

    thank you for plugging me into the tome and saying that i’m not patronizing. i’m really too much of a moron to patronize. 🙂


  5. hiyyaaaaaa!!!!!

    umm…100 th haikulll..of course u needa do somethn
    wll…lets c…somethn lik th rating of th haikuls wld be nice
    yea..get it rated by evryone Jorge n who evr wins wll make it to th prestigious ” BLOG TOME” ..lol

  6. Holy heart…
    They’ve got a limit to the ammount of shiz that we can put on here? Whatever will I do? Do they give you a warning as such? What in the bejebus! Alright… Just read what you wrote about me and how I’d kick someone’s arse and not put them on my space if they pissed me off… I love that… That sums me up in one complete sentence and I could probably kiss your space if it wouldn’t leave lipstick marks all over my computer. Darn it…silly red lipstick…my lips are big enough as it freakin’ is…(no need to dress up this clown)… So…another Hai-kuul? “Big feet won’t walk on water” or maybe “Bring back Bockey” (I’d have said hockey, but it sounds so much better with a B instead…and I’m angry at them for not allowing me to rant in pubs this year). Enough said…much go to bed…what time is it anyhow? 3:30 in the morning…well Holy Heart Jorge… Why does your blog keep me up this late?…
    Cheers and hugs,

  7. pt. 2
    I got this message “you’d better fill this out or we will poison you slowly with arsenic and you’ll never live to see 35” as well…and decided to see what’d really happen if I didn’t do the 101. Nothing yet…but if I croak in the next few days….you’ll know where to point those elbows…

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