Trepidation 101

101 Things About Me? No Thanks

First of all, I want to say to the folks who filled this list out that it is great that you have done so. I just don’t personally hold to the idea of doing this kind of thing myself.

I have a very odd sense of duty when it comes to certain quizzes. The ones I tend to fill out usually involve something that I am interested in. The quiz logic itself is also interesting to me, so I will usually log my initial response for the record, and then tinker with various answers to see what I get. Quizzes I am referring to are things like which Lord of the Rings character are you? or which colour are you? and the ever popular you’d better fill this out or we will poison you slowly with arsenic and you’ll never live to see 35. I hate that one.

I will fill out the occasional quiz involving various questions about who I am, what I think, etc.

For example…

  1. What is your favourite colour? Blue
  2. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Tea
  3. Would you rather be a forest or a mountain? A Forest
  4. Chocolate or Vanilla? Mix ’em together!

Some of the questions can get personal, so I tend to use humour to throw people off track. After all, there are some things that I don’t want people to know. That’s for me and my wife, and possibly Dave to know.

However, this state 101 things about yourself quiz doesn’t suit me. Not at all.

Honestly, I like the journey of discovering someone through their writing. Not everyone posts everything about themselves, and this makes it more challenging to get to know them. I find that in the end, after all the effort, it’s worth it. And even if we don’t become friends, it was still good reading.

Similarly, I would like people to form their own opinions about me based on what they can see here. If I were to fill out the 101, I would do it out of spite.


  1. My name is Jorge
  2. I live in Canada
  3. I like my name.
  4. I like Canada
  5. I eat cookies.
  6. I like cookies.
  7. I think cookies are awesome

And so on and so forth. I would hit 101 and you’d know maybe a few new things about me, and be really annoyed. Again, I think it’s a great idea for some people, but not for others. Maybe I’m just shy. Or maybe I’m a snob?

I think that people should work to get to know other people, to make it more meaningful.

I used the same rationale when I came up with the Blog Tome. I don’t just want to list people anymore. I want visitors to know why I am linking to them. It’s a more work-intensive list, but at least people will know why these links matter to me.

ATWG, I hope, if you read this, that you don’t misinterpret it. I think that you’ve done a great thing with your list. It’s just not for me.


My photography show is looming. I have to go to the venue tomorrow afternoon and set up my photos for the month of May. This will be the first show in which I will actually have to hang my photographs myself.

It’s odd how I’ve never given much thought to hanging any picture before. In the house, it’s to make the wall look less empty. To give some colour to a room.

This exhibition is not about making the wall look less empty (although that is a side effect of covering it with photographs). It’s about making a statement about myself and what I believe.

I admit to being a bit nervous (as this is really only my second exhibition – and what an exhibition!), but I think enough friends are going to visit me on the reception night to make me feel a bit more comfortable about it all.

General details are on my web page, and the specifics are on the Contact page.

If you are in the Junction neighbourhood (Dundas St W & Keele St) and feel like stopping by, feel free! If I don’t know you personally yet, it would be a great way to meet face to face. Plus I’ll have free munchies available.

Gotta go for the free munchies!

2 Responses

  1. Jorge, you are a snob! You’re trying too hard to be MR. Mysterio!!! LOL! Just kidding!

    I understand your point. Part of reading a blog is the journey of getting to know that person. I don’t usually put quizzes on my site either.

    Your blog is unique. You have your own style and that’s what people love about you. That’s what keeps them coming back to your site time and again to see what new things you have dreamt up.

    However, I did enjoy the 101 exercise and I’m enjoying reading the 101 lists of those who participated. I’m finding it very enlightening and I’m learning a lot of new things about the bloggers I thought I knew. I also found it a challenge to decide what to put on the list and what to leave off.

    Re: the exhibition…. You’ll kick @ss! 🙂

  2. yes, but what KIND of cookies? that’s what people really want to know.

    i wish you well with your photography show. sounds very cool. and very nerve-wracking. and aren’t we the coolest when our nerves are wracked but we do it anyway?


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