Finding Funny Stories In Winter Takes Good Vision

How Did You Find Me?

Check out some of these searches that led to my site…

  • wealthy people pictures
  • jorge
  • barking dogs
  • toronto

These all make sense in a strange way. Maybe I should make a point to try and contain every word ever written to ensure I will always lead people here from the various search engines.

Winter Blahs and Good Vision

I have very good colour vision. I can discern many more colours than the average person (at least, I believe this). I wonder if this is why I tend to be more positive than most people during the winter months?

Think about it. If you tend to see many shades of grey, it’s almost like seeing colour! Something to think about, I guess.

Funny Stories

I can’t really write volumes all the time, so once in a while I will just write some funny stories about things that happened to me. These will invariably involve my friends, but they are not incriminating or rude. Well, maybe a little….

This one happened at our place during an atypical beer party (People bring beer that is not your standard fare, and then everyone tries everyone else’s beer). Reay was sitting on the sofa, and Dave was examining some pictures in a frame. The frame was one of those rotating frames. It was essentially a suspended double-sided 4×6 frame being held in place by an arm secured to the base of the frame. If one held it horizontally (as per the design) it would rotate when you prodded it. However, when Dave held it the wrong way…

[The glass from one side of the frame slides out and smashes to pieces on my chessboard. All is silent for a few moments until…]
Dave: Uh…Oops.
Reay: What do you live in? A Nerf house?

Reay was awarded the coveted Line of the Night Award.

5 Responses

  1. a sincere thank you for the underpants haiku. it would make a beautiful song. do you play the harp?

  2. A harpist I am not, Patresa. 🙂

    But thanks for your thanks!

  3. Oy… I always get people checking out my site for the weirdest things… And I keep thinking “what, did I actually have something to do with that?”… you know… “ugly sexy” or “lab chick” (but obviously not in the right context) or “shoes” since I have a tendency to have a footwear affliction and mention it quite frequently… Strange…
    Anyhow… I’m ill… I have a terrible cold and am fevering up as we speak… One moment I’m hot…the next I’m frigid…and darn it…there’s only so many times that I person can blow there nose before wondering wether or not they’re damaging their brains in the process… UGH…
    Alright enough ranting… Have a great day Jorge… I miss having the energy to go online and visiting your space… Hopefully my Buckley’s will come through…and save me…soon…

  4. Now the ignominy of the Nerf House burn will live forever.


    I’ll never be cool, now.

    You’ll get yours. Just wait.

  5. Bring it, you Tuskan death monkey!

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