Hai-Kuul – July 13, 2005

My Heart Beats Faster (Requested by princess_castle)
Into view she walks
Elation pours into me
My face becomes hot

Saddle Yourself (Requested by princess_castle)
Those mistakes at work
Will cause you great pain because
You’ll be ridden hard

I Am All For it (Requested by princess_castle)
Introduction of
Topless beaches and a new
Type of money tree

Get a Grip People (Requested by princess_castle)
Riding bicycles
Can be quite painful unless
You protect your hands

Equally Unfounded and Mean-Spirited (Requested by princess_castle)
These well-balanced folks
Are a rarity to find
Thank the stars for that

Ever-Widening Gap (Requested by princess_castle)
I noticed this fact
When a tasty strawberry
Fell out through my teeth

Pea Soup Smog (Requested by Christine Anderson)
It’s so hard to breathe
Slowly pollution chokes me
With thick, smoky hands

Must Win (Requested by Courtney8292)
To win the contest
It is not the quantity
It’s the frequency

Ate Too Much At a Buffet…Gonna Be Sick (Requested by Courtney8292)
I stuffed myself full
And then I kept on stuffing
It can’t be contained

Paper Clips (Requested by Courtney8292)
Metal or plastic
Holding paper together
Or my Word helper

Open Bar (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
This can be a risk
If relatives drink too much
Or drink too little

The Buffet Line (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
Plan your attack here
Food collection is an art
As fun as eating

Sing Along While Drinking (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
Alcohol kills
Most people’s ability
To carry a tune

Neil Diamond Rocks (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
A master of songs
Neil Diamond Rocks the known world
With beautiful noise

I Just Broke My Shoe (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
I stare down sadly
It’s tongue hangs out as it dies
Does it have a soul?

Yankees Suck (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
Fundamental truth
Is an interesting thing
Need I say more here?

Wayne Gretzky is Awesome (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
Ultimate sportsman
Grace, great style and good conduct
A true role model

Pull My Finger (Requested by kittygirlshellie)
Chemical warfare
In it’s most basic of forms
Watch out for the smell

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7 Responses

  1. LMAO! Fantastic as always!

  2. Wow- you’ve been one busy blogger! I don’t know if I like “I just broke my shoe” (I’m a sucker for a pun) or “Pull my finger” (I’m a sucker for fart-jokes- tee hee- fart) better- but they’re both PRICELESS!

  3. Wow the converstaion with the older lady is too funny!! lol Thanks for stopping by and for your cute comment! Take care, ~nikki

  4. Get a Grip People (Requested by princess_castle)
    Riding bicycles
    Can be quite painful unless
    You protect your hands

    I’m a cyclist ..I hear ya …but if you’re falling off your bike ..you hands are the least of your worries 😉 Have a good one!! TTFN

  5. Hey Jorge… I promise that I won’t go private without you. 🙂 It is strange how friendships form. Hope all is well with you. 🙂 Linette

  6. great space u have here thx for visiting mine..take care jenn

  7. Hi and thanks for stopping at my site I will have more in Aug./05 Hi-lites so stay tune for more Pictures. I you want tell others about my site I’m cool with that. Thanks again.

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