Hai-Kuul – July 22, 2005

Don’t Know How to Party (Requested by The Shellie)
What am I doing?
I am agoraphobic!
I can’t even dance!

Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care or Do I? (Requested by The Shellie)
My master is dead
I’m not even in his will
Stupid Blue-Tailed fly

Anything Tastes Good Fried (Requested by The Shellie)
Coat it in batter
And it will taste like butter
Great, greasy goodness!

Wedding Crashers (Requested by The Shellie)
Who the hell are you?
Where’s your invitation, punk?
Or at least, a gift!

Thunderstorm On the Lake (Requested by Cat)
Rolling thunder and
Twice as much lightning as it
Reflects in the lake

Kids Feeding Ducks (Requested by Cat)
They feel so useful
Throwing breadcrumbs on the ground
To watch the results

Diving Into Deep Water (Requested by Cat)
Water rushes past
As your surroundings darken
You dive to the depths!

Cannonballs (Requested by Cat)
Leaping. Hurtling
Curled into a tight, round ball
To make a big splash

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