If Another Tree Falls In the Forest…

If Jesus Blogged No One Would Ever Know

In the face of comments posted from zealots (who don’t listen to my requests to stop posting crap on my blog), a peculiar thought entered my head…

Picture the second coming of Christ. Jesus sits at his computer wearing jeans and a nice long-sleeved collared shirt and some Tevas, and he’s typing away on his self-coded blog (Self coded? It’s Jesus for God’s sake! He can do anything!). He finishes a thoughtful and insightful article on the latest political happenings and then retires to his study to read some books by Deepak Chopra…

I wonder how many people would read that article written by Jesus and just scan over it to move onto the next blog? Would anyone even guess it’s Him, or would they even care?

I doubt that anyone would really pick up on Jesus blogging. Heck, I doubt that any of the religious heavy-hitters would really get noticed, for that matter. Mohammed and Brahma would probably be as frustrated as Jesus with the lack of real response to what they are writing. It’s because they would get eclipsed by people’s faith.

People’s faith, you ask?

Let me break it down for you…

I have respect for people’s beliefs. I think that it’s wonderful when people stand up for what they believe in. Religious faith is part of that. While I may not believe in what others do, it doesn’t mean I can’t repsect their point of view.

Now on the other hand, some people really take their faith far too seriously. I’m not referring to conviction here, either. I’m talking about how they show people how faithful they are. They go over the top.

Blogging has made it very easy to do this. People express their faith with bells and whistles, and go around to others’ blogs and leave lengthy messages about how to live your life. They have ten million emoticons and pictures on their blogs of all things glitzy to emphasize how much they believe in what they believe in. It’s like Las Vegas, in a convenient, easy-to-read format.

This kind of thing doesn’t impress me. I believe that this doesn’t really impress a lot of people.

In fact, it probably turns a lot of people off of believing in anything, because it has too much flash and not enough thought.

And so what would one more person be expressing their views about religion, even if it was Jesus or Mohammed or Brahma? Probably nothing to a lot of people. Just another slob, like one of us (borrowing from Joan Osbourne a little), posting what we believe to be nothing of consequence.

It’s a shame, really. No matter what you believe, you can always learn something new from a well-expressed opinion.