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Much Obliged

I’ve come across a lot of people in the blogging world who feel as if it is their pubilc duty to post something every day. While this is an admirable goal, I sometimes wonder what is behind this obsession.

Granted, I somehow manage to post something every day, but that is mostly due to the crazy features that I have started on here.

No rest for the wicked, so they say.

I suppose blogging as an outlet of emotions and thoughts brings with it a type of validation in the form of comments. People read your thoughts, and if you allow comment, you will most likely receive some feedback on what you have expressed in the words that you type. Thus, when people start paying attention to you, you feel as if you need to perform for them, and so you continue writing for the sake of the crowd, with one eye on your statscounter.

This is a powerful addiction.

But is it a bad one?

Perhaps not.

There are times when I shudder at some of the oddities out there. Indeed, lack of spelling skill and horrible grammar run rampant on a lot of the spaces that I have seen. Some of this is intentional, and some of it is not. But the lowest common denominator is that everyone writes and writes to a potentially fickle audience.

Personally, other than the haiku and alternative dictionary entries, I write when the mood takes me. Sometimes I will come up with an idea for a column, but not really have enough to justify writing. I simply write down the idea and any pertinent notes, and allow it to cure. I keep a list of these in my inbox at home to pull up at a later date when I feel the need to write about something (or perhaps I have mulled over the idea enough to justify writing about it).

I also tend to avoid posting on the weekends, mostly due to my own busy schedule.

Tell me your thoughts about why you post, and whether you control your blog, or your blog controls you.

More Dave and Jorge Antics

Recently, I was relaying a story to Dave about a phone conversation with a customer service gal I had where she was really accomodating. Good service is something rare these days, so when someone goes the extra mile, it really shines.

Of course, us being dirty boys, we joked about the girl helping me out so much because she wanted to get wit dis.

The following snippet shows how much of a bastard Dave is…

Dave: Maybe she liked you.
Jorge: Of course! And why not?
Dave: Why not!
Jorge: Mrs. Jorge will be there, too.
Dave: Yeah?
Jorge: Threesome!
Dave: Indeed.
Jorge: In the movie theatre no less.
Dave: Fun times.
Jorge: Two Hands in the popcorn!
Dave: Both yours.

Hai-Kuul – July 06, 2005

Please click here) to wish my wife a happy birthday.

We Are the Champions (Requested by Drea)
When you play to win
Something happens inside you
It is called desire

Rockin’ it Canada Style (Requested by Drea)
Grab the sled dogs, ma
It’s time to leave our igloos
And get right plastered

Fireworks On This Day (Requested by Drea)
Bright pyrotechnics
Will light up the dark night sky
Like birthday candles

Independent Americans (Requested by Drea)
Independence Day
Grab your flags and wave them high
Celebrate freedom

Plums (Requested by Drea)
A delicate fruit
Be careful when you store it
In a full backpack

Ethiopia (Requested by Drea)
Hope fears to tread here
Everyone’s eyes show needing
Starvation rules all

Live 8 Concert (Requested by Drea)
A great idea
Implemented the wrong way
Live 8: A dead end

Bush Sucks My Tush (Requested by Drea)
President my ass
More like a guy with his own
Hidden agenda

When In Doubt (Requested by Drea)
You want the prizes
But you don’t know what to do
Always pick door 3

Eyebrow Piercings (Requested by Drea)
People are quite odd
I’m waiting for the day when
Eye piercings happen

-70 Degrees (Requested by Drea)
Don’t forget your coat
Staying warm is important
Banish the cold now!

Rain Go Away (Requested by Drea)
We’ve had so much rain
That I’m soaked right down to my
Very underwear

Skipped In Elevators (Requested by Drea)
I get puzzled looks
When I perform my workout
Travelling up lifts

Freckles and Burns (Requested by Drea)
I’m like a leopard
When I tan my freckles, though
Some spots are bright red

The Inner Door (Requested by Drea)
Will you let me in?
I’m here to meet with your soul
I’ve an appointment

Mercy Me has been requested already.

Black Locks (Requested by Drea)
Not very common
These secure devices rock!
Black Locks on white doors

Stork Report (Requested by Drea)
So many babies
Seem to be finding their way
Under my friends’ abs

Fantastico Italiano (Requested by Drea)
Don’t mess with the best
He’s the man with the best plan:
Eat rigatoni

The Hammer (Requested by Drea)
You hear it ring out
As the blacksmith forms his blades
Blunt tool that sharpens

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A Special Message – You Got Served….Cake

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mrs. Hai-Kuul

Today’s a great day
Celebrate her day with me
She doth rock my world

Today we celebrate the day that my wife was born. I don’t need to get mushy about it (because I already did in her birthday card), but it’s nice to recognize the important days in our lives, and share them.

I figured I would announce it here for those of you who know her and don’t have her e-mail address. Of course, that also means that those of you who don’t know her very well will most likely post something as well.

Bring it on!