A Special Message – You Got Served….Cake

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mrs. Hai-Kuul

Today’s a great day
Celebrate her day with me
She doth rock my world

Today we celebrate the day that my wife was born. I don’t need to get mushy about it (because I already did in her birthday card), but it’s nice to recognize the important days in our lives, and share them.

I figured I would announce it here for those of you who know her and don’t have her e-mail address. Of course, that also means that those of you who don’t know her very well will most likely post something as well.

Bring it on!

19 Responses

  1. happy birthday 2 ur wife 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Mrs. Hai-Kull.. I was just going through peoples blogs and I stumbled on yours in my recently updated list. Nice pics, lol.

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs. J!!! Have a great day today. Take it easy and make Jorge do everything…LOL.

  4. Happy birthday to Mrs. J…. She keeps the Hai-kuul master in check and is cool to boot. Wooohooo. ~ian

  5. happy b-day to your wife, i hope she has a wonderful day, don’t know you guys, but everyone deserves the best day ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  6. Happy Birthday Mrs. Jorge Hai-Kuul!!! 😀 *to the tune of something reminiscent of polka* Happy birthday to you! *insert oompa pa here* Happy birthday to you! *insert oompa pa here* Happy birthday to Mrs Jorge Hai-Kuul! *insert oompa pa here* Happy Birthdaaaaaayyyy to yooouuuu!!! Have a great day! Best wishes! Linette

  7. Happy Birthday Mrs. J!!!! Jorge told me he was getting you an authentic Vuitton bag and a pair of Manolo’s 😉

  8. Happy Birthday Mrs. J! Hope you have a great day. And I hope Jorge spoils you rotten 🙂

  9. Happy birthday Mrs. J!

  10. It’s rare that I post a comment here, but I must say thank you to all of the birthday wishes! I appreciate your kind words and I must say that Jorge has done a great job of making my birthday celebration fantastic. It’s not just a one day job for the boy! 🙂 Take care, T

  11. Hercules himself could not do a better job living up to the birthday challenge. I will do my best.

  12. Happy birthday Mrs. J! May I wish the most patient woman alive (look who you’re married to after all) many happy returns.

  13. Happy birthday, Mrs. J. Men like yours one only gets once in a lifetime. Have a great day.

  14. Happy Birthday, Mrs. J! You are one lucky lady. 🙂 Hope you enjoy Merlot.

  15. hey jorge … oh noooooo…i gss i am late..awww…..i saw ur post just now only…awwwwww… well…better late than never..i gss Apart from her pic, I don knw a thing about ur wife….lol..i think her name has to be Mrs. J… so… H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y M R S JJJJJJJ J J J J !!! yaaaaaaaaaaay !!! umm…ok…make it HAPPY BELATED B’DAY WISHES *HUGS N KISSES* TO UR WIFE MRS. JJJJJJJJJ…. *yay* tc

  16. Dearest Mrs. J, I hope you had a lovely evening of being spoiled, followed by a healthy dose of birthday nookie. J xo

  17. Happy very very belated birthday Mrs. J! It was nice meeting you at Chris’ bday. as for your husband… I dunno….. LOL.

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